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quotation marksI feel you really connect with people well and it is clear that your intuition is enhanced.  What makes it a comfortable environment is the beautiful set-up and ambience of the room, as well as the way you relate your own experiences so that others feel that you are one with them and not “separate” This, I feel creates trust and openness to speak about our own experiences without feeling judged by you or each other
You are great and I feel blessed to have met you.
Thank you so much Caroline.

quotation marksHi Caroline
Thank you for a very insightful day on Sunday
The room was filled with energy of anticipation and hunger to learn new skills and uncover the beginning of something profound.  Thank you for your generosity and for giving me the opportunity to unravel unanswered questions and break free from the shackles that have kept me bound and stuck.
Love and Light Sandy Fernande

quotation marksI have found that being in your meditation seminars; women’s empowerment groups or workshop situations with you have made such a huge difference in my life. I have learned so much through you Caroline and I find my life much calmer and happier with a much more positive outlook on life too.  I so enjoy the women’s empowerment nights and seminars you hold, and the laughter and sharing created while learning about ourselves. You inspire so many people and help bring joy into our lives. The knowledge you share is incredible and it shows in your whole being.  
 Love and Light Jessie xx

quotation marksThank you so much for yesterday’s workshop, it was great. I hate to cry but for some reason or another it happened. Last night was the first night in a long time that I have not had night mares. I was so tired after the workshop that I actually slept from 7.30 last night til 5 this morning when I had to get up to start work… WOW. I usually average around 5hours of broken sleep. I will definitely be seeing you on Thursday nights for meditation if I am not working.  Thank you so much, my partner thanks you too.
Natasha, Brisbane

quotation marksI had tried meditation and meditation classes before but your Meditation Seminars have had a very profound healing affect.  Especially for a person diagnosed with high level general anxiety along with secondary anxiety disorders panic attack and obsessive compulsive disorder.  In group situations or environments, my social phobia allowed me only to struggle to cope until the end of the event. This was done at a very high level of anxiety. Sometimes I would be so overwhelmed to survive I constantly only thought about the best way to leave or at times I just left. There were also times when I was just too crippled to leave.   This level of anxiety was not only high in social situations but in everyday living. The struggle had not been over a few years but chronic for well over twenty years. I was also on a lot a medication to calm me, but it did little to help.  So for the first time to find true, deep inner peace especially in a meditation group full of strangers was an unbelievable experience. At first I was even a bit overwhelmed at how relaxed I was or a person could be.

There were a number of reasons that allowed your seminars to be so positive and healing.

Your special insight and ability to communicate encourage and understand people along with a gift to quickly develop trust with the class especially with those who are very anxious and find it hard to relax and trust.   Caroline your meditation seminars have allowed me to take this relaxed state into many other areas of my life. I now have more clarity and objectivity in my thinking, which is a real blessing. Thank you for greatly improving the quality of my life.   I also really appreciated the sharing of each person's experience after each meditation along with the various forms of meditation taught on the day of a seminar.
 Thank you again
Steven Brisbane, QLD.
quotation marksI just wanted to say a huge thank you for the meditation meetings you have on a regular basis. I have been coming along to the for the past year and it really has helped me to focus more in my everyday life - especially if I have had a frantic and stressful week, the meditation seems to bring life back into perspective for me.  It's a fabulous group of people who come along, all with the common goal of finding more about ourselves which unites us all. The discussion time before meditation is of particular importance to me as well - and it doesn't matter what the topic is about - it always seems to be relevant.  
Sue Bates

quotation marksI can highly recommend any of Caroline's seminars.  Her day seminars are not only informative but interactive and you can feel the difference quite tangibly.  As you walk out at the end of the day, you feel lighter and more connected to yourself and life in general!

I feel that Caroline is an excellent facilitator and teacher with a deep passion to help others with their own self realisation and empowerment.  She has been a catalyst for changes within me and also other members of my immediate family. I am very grateful for the experiences and time in Caroline's seminars, as I feel now I have a deeper understanding of myself.
Amanda M

quotation marksMy husband’s 42 year old sister, Lucy was fighting her fourth battle with cancer when I asked Caroline if she would be able to offer therapy for Lucy and our family during an extremely stressful time.

Caroline’s informal discussions combined with meditation and Reiki sessions gave not only Lucy, but other family members, insight into our individual journeys and the many challenges we all face.  Her positive approach to Lucy’s personal journey and the effect it was having on the family gave us all comfort and was like a shining light in what could only be described as a very long and at times dark, tunnel. 

When at varying stages it appeared that Lucy may be too ill to benefit from these visits, Lucy insisted “that we must not miss Caroline’s weekly sessions” She seemed to gain much strength and peace from Caroline’s soothing words, as we all did.

I have nothing but praise for Caroline’s insightfulness and sensitivity as she incorporated her Intuitive Therapy methods to ease the stress and anxiety for our family.
Julie B, Brisbane 

quotation marksI have known Caroline for 2 years since meeting her during Holistic Counseling studies with the Awakening Group. I began seeing Caroline for counseling/ psychic mentorship around a year ago and I can honestly say that every session has brought me deeper and deeper to my true core of self-acceptance and joy.

Caroline is a professional and Intuitive Therapist who brings a lifetime of experience and compassion to her practice. Her ability to switch between Therapy and channeling is a rare gift and has been particularly helpful for me as I expand my studies in the metaphysical area.

I highly recommend Caroline to you as an Intuitive Therapist and healer.
Sarah Yip

quotation marksI found the course very informative and answered a number of things that I too questioned but had no understanding of the why.  I like the way you presented the information and found it to be a really enjoyable day.  Lovely people and great experience; I highly recommend this to any person who is seeking to understand more about themselves and how energy works. Thank you Julie baker

quotation marksIt’s amazing how the Universe guides us to the right place at the right time.  I was guided to this Workshop because of what the Universe was presenting to me (to put it nicely, more likely throwing at my face). Luckily for me that I was in this Workshop as I found out IN DETAIL all that I needed to know to get me over the obstacles that I was facing.  It showed me where to start, what to work on and what was possible to achieve.  For me personally, it was life changing. Thank you Caroline your passion is evident in the way you present with feeling, empathy and understanding. Karen

quotation marksI thoroughly enjoyed the Spiral of life workshop, the atmosphere was fun, laid back, yet structured. I have been using the skills that I have learnt from the workshop to help me continue my path of healing. I learnt a lot of new things that I had not heard before including finding my strand (main pattern) which helps me to consciously be aware and be more in control of my life. I really enjoyed understanding Personal, Collective and Evolution, and with deeper understanding will help me, to be less all over the place, with my highs and lows, so I can be more balanced in my life. Thank you Caroline you made learning fun! Juliette

quotation marksThank you Caroline for putting together an informative and practical Spiral workshop, I feel more in tune with my emotions and the world around me. By far my most favourite tool that I have taken away from the Workshop, and using regularly, is EFT tapping; it really works and can be endless once you start. Reece

quotation marksHi Caroline
Thanks so much for the spiral of life workshop yesterday,
I found it really inspiring, I think everyone would benefit greatly from what you teach, giving people the tools and techniques to cope with everyday life and an understanding of where we have come from and why we are here, loved it.
Thanks again Cheryl

quotation marksAmazing, thanks Caroline & Amanda both gorgeous Angels, a truly uplifting day

quotation marksExcellent

quotation marksPhenomenal, overall sense of calm and positivity

quotation marksI feel like I am walking with more confidence & trust in what I can achieve and be.  Thank you so much Amanda & Caroline for opening my world to more positive experiences on my path.

quotation marksThe planning of the day was very professional, but more importantly the wisdom shared was invaluable, thank you both for the privilege

quotation marks10/10 loved it

quotation marksAmazing thanks “re-connect”

quotation marksGreat

quotation marksWow Fantastic.....

quotation marksEnlightening thank you for sharing your knowledge

quotation marksOverwhelming and unbelievable experiences, Quiet, relaxing atmosphere

quotation marksFantastic, more in-depth spiritual information would be good, how it all works, so to speak.

quotation marksSuperb & Powerful, couldn’t be better

quotation marksWonderful, very trusting, confident and accepting. Amazing day with beautiful people

quotation marksI can highly recommend Caroline's Meditation teachings, they are not only informative but interactive, and you can feel the difference quite tangibly as you walk out at the end of each week, you feel lighter and more connected to yourself and life in general!
 Caroline is an excellent facilitator and teacher with a deep passion to help others with their own self realisation and empowerment.  She has been a catalyst for changes within me and also other members of my immediate family. I am very grateful for the experiences and time in Caroline's seminars, as I feel now I have a deeper understanding of myself.
Amanda, Bowen Bliss, Brisbane

quotation marksI have tried meditation classes before but these meditation teachings have had a very profound healing affect in my life. For the first time to find true, deep inner peace especially through a meditation group full of strangers was an unbelievable experience. There were a number of reasons that allowed your seminar to be so positive and healing; the thoughtful environment created for the seminars, your special insight and ability to communicate encourage and understand people along with a gift to quickly develop trust within the class.  These meditation seminars have allowed me to take this relaxed state into many other areas of my life. I now have more clarity and objectivity in my thinking, which is a real blessing.
Thank you for greatly improving the quality of my life.
Steven, Brisbane, Qld.

quotation marksI have been on my spiritual path for a while now and intuitively, the Breath has always been important to me. Caroline’s teachings are so simple; they feel very natural. That simplicity belies the power this work has released in my life. I have discovered a deeper integration of body, mind and spirit, allowing my mind and body to hear my spiritual guidance.”
Christine Kernke, Counsellor / Social Worker (using the creative arts)

quotation marksEmotional & very relevant to where I am in my journey, thank you both for sharing your knowledge & helping me to connect on a deeper level.

quotation marksBeautiful day, beautiful people, beautiful facilitators thank you. Realisation that the issue I have been working through for many years no longer has the negative energy around it.

quotation marksAwesome, Beautiful connections found deep within myself by letting my guard down. Such a gift sharing this experience with these amazing people, Thank you

quotation marks Wonderful, I had the very best day thank you so much. Awe inspiring, grateful & full of love

quotation marks It is a pleasure to be able to spend this time with Amanda and Caroline; I love to be able to give to be able to grow.

quotation marks  Very friendly, learned a lot, Amazing feeling

quotation marks Great workshop really enjoyed the content, really assists with understanding the Ego & connecting with my being & spirit. You ladies are great, really appreciate all the guidance & help over the last couple of years.

quotation marksEnlightening, Thankyou Caroline and Amanda, it has been an eye opener into myself.

quotation marks  Heaven, just Heaven, feeling fulfilled. 2x beautiful angels....

quotation marks Great, inspiring, & practical, I will practice and advance with the understandings & techniques from today many thanks Great women....

quotation marks Such a loving wonderful day, I feel connected and know and understand the true meaning of that concept. Thank you Caroline and Amanda true teachers, and so inspiring.

quotation marksFabulous, great content, great energy....

quotation marksThank you for a wonderful and enlightening evening. I have indeed got a new perspective on creation. Susan McLachlan

quotation marksTHANK YOU Caroline and Amanda for another Wonderful "Gathering" evening. You two Beautiful Souls are so amazing. Love you and your work. Charmaine Neri
It was another amazing evening thank you thank you thank you.  Sharon Ariel Wyatt

quotation marksAlways a pleasure, always enlightening, always a joy to be a part of something so giving and loving. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of something so wonderful. Love love love your work ladies. Margaret-Ann Foster

quotation marksIt was an amazing evening thank you for sharing.  Sharon Ariel Wyatt

quotation marksAbsolutely true and beautiful the incredibly amazing Gathering (spiritual meditation and guidance evening) held by the Soul Sisters that are just worth their weight in gold Caroline Byrd and Amanda Morrison. What a wonderful experience, as always. Feeling very privileged to catch up and see even if only for a short while so many beautiful people.  Margaret-Ann Foster

quotation marksThanks for last night.  An amazing experience happened during my meditation.  Before we meditated, I called in my dad and asked him to come into my meditation and as I walked down my second path, he was on the seat waiting for me – even before you mentioned to visualise our dads!  I handed him my “baggage” and he said that’s great now go!!  He pointed in a direction which was lit up over the water and then you said to follow our new path!!  I loved every second of that experience!!  Thank you so much. Sue Bates

quotation marksLife is all about experiences (and trusting).  Tonight was an incredible experience guided and delivered by the amazing Amanda Morrison and Caroline Byrd.  Words could never express my gratitude and love for you both.  It was even more incredible to experience this evening with my beautiful friends......thank you for for a mind blowing evening so much love to you all.

quotation marksThe meditation Cds are a wonderful tool to letting go and bringing me back to my authentic self. It helps every time. Very relaxing and calming
Kind Regards
Leitisha, Brisbane

quotation marksMy wife suggested I listen to Caroline’s meditation Cds to help me unwind before bed. I have always had a hard time turning the “Work Button” off, which left great difficulty in me trying to let go of the daily stresses and get some rest. At first I thought “How can I listen to this, I get too restless” But that has all changed since listening to the Meditation CD, I am letting go of the day, leaving the daily stress with it. I am also feeling refreshed and positive in the morning, with a clearer head space. I find Caroline’s voice very calming & relaxing, I am so happy to have been suggested this CD. I am looking forward to listening to another one of Caroline’s CD’s
Rob W, Gold Coast

quotation marksMy Name is Jen Hall and I am the owner/ manager of KISS Principle.
I enjoy experiencing the teachings and facilitations of other peers and attended a Meditation group facilitated by Caroline Byrd on several occasions.  I found Caroline’s open way of communicating very easy to interact with and her meditation style really appealed to me. I gained many personal insights with her guidance and I value the times I attended her group.  I also attended a one day meditation workshop that built on the skills I already had in meditation. It was a great day that attracted a large group of like-minded people.
Jen Hall

quotation marksThis powerful essence has assisted in relieving numerous ailments from grief that I have experienced with the loss of my mother, husband and 21year old family pet.  My chest feels open and clear, my head more focused, and my motivation spontaneous. Altogether I feel so much more in balance and relaxed each day.   I can now enjoy my life and realise my purpose."
Lots of love Beth Duncan

quotation marksAt the time when I began taking the Harmony Essence, I was dealing with some difficult relationship issues on all fronts - work, family and personal.  What I noticed is that the essence brought up a lot of emotions to be cleared, released the sentimental attachments that had me stuck and helped me refrain from unhelpful reactions.  I noticed that the intrusive thoughts were gone and that allowed me to stop obsessing trying to resolve issues.  Sometimes you just need some help to release old, stuck patterns - the Harmony Essence works!"
Light and Love  Christine K

quotation marksA few day's into using the 'Harmony Essence' I was struck with clarity around an issue I was having with my 16 year old daughter who to my dismay had just left home.
I was contemplating calling her to tell her how much I miss her; I was feeling melancholic and was gushing with love for her.  Before I could make the call, I heard an inner voice say, “This is emotionalism, not real love, you're being sentimental".  So I stopped and let the feelings pass.  As they moved away, a greater unconditional love arose to take its place.  My heart was open and I no longer felt the need to call her.  Within a minute of resting in that place, my phone rang and it was my daughter.  We had a wonderful sharing and I hung up the phone in awe.  I learned the difference between sentimental and unconditional love that day and experienced a miracle.  It's healing me and my relationships..... Exactly what the 'Harmony Essence' was made to accomplish!
Lily S, Brisbane

quotation marksA friend of mine suggested I try the Harmony Essence as I have been dealing with difficult relationships with my family for a long time, there have been so many issues and situations that I could never seem to get my head around, so much anger still lived there. Since taking the Harmony Essence I noticed my thoughts of anger had become and turned deeply emotional.  For the first time in a long time I allowed myself to grieve on the issues that have stuck with me for a while.  This has left me with a feeling of relief and peace, like a huge weight lifted off my heart. Thank You. Sonya M, Gold Coast

quotation marksI had been using Harmony Essence for 10 days into the 14day course when I was presented with an uncomfortable situation with a friend.  My reaction was to close off and shut down rather than speaking up for myself.   A few days later I had an intense consultation with Caroline about the beliefs surrounding my reactions and why I don’t speak up for myself.  What emerged was an attachment to a belief going back 51 years, involving new experiences.  I had not mentioned to Caroline about my using the Harmony Essence until that evening, to which she suggested I Re-read the words on the accompanying leaflet which describes the Harmony Essence.  I couldn’t believe what I was reading.  The entire description of the Harmony Essence was exactly what I had experienced, clearing, letting go and more during my consultation with Caroline.  It was just amazing.  Thank you Caroline and, thank you Harmony Essence.
Charmaine , Brisbane

quotation marksTransformation is occurring! Looking back over what has happened since taking this essence, I can see the space being cleared internally for me to clearly identify the feeling patterns that have kept me bogged down.  Awareness has allowed me to let go of these patterns... and I see the Queen that is my inner being arising to inhabit and guide me. What once felt like anxiety is now being recognised as excitement and enthusiasm.
Christine K

quotation marksThank you for giving me the gift of your essence.  I noticed that I had a subtle internal shift around relationships in particular from a deep inner protection to a more trusting openness. I also had a severe shoulder realignment which I felt was also part of losing the protective shell, letting go essence of past misgivings and being able to move forward with more trust.”
Amanda A, Brisbane

quotation marksThe essence bought up for me a deeper outlook on how I was living my life in different situations. I was able to see clearly past situations and how they were still affecting how I interacted and reacted in my everyday life. I began to see clearly my reactive anger that was still with me from the age of 11, the essence healed the anger and gave me direction in my life by allowing me to see and become aware that the anger was not who I am today.
Richard B, Brisbane

quotation marksThis essence came into my life at the perfect time as I was being pushed to discover my self-worth from many synchronistic directions.  Also, attachments that were causing me confusion and suffering lifted seemingly of their own accord - no heavy lifting! despite having tried to analyse, think and feel my way to some resolution to no avail.
Christine Kernke

quotation marksThe Truth Essence has been very powerful for me, yet at the same time allowing the process to be gentle. It unravelled some old yet, very strong and difficult situations from the past that I have been working on for a while. I feel now I can take back a little control that I allowed others to have, It has also allowed me to have a voice in certain relationships I felt I couldn't, Leaving a lot of room for the “ True Me “ . Caroline I am blessed for the gift of your wonderful Essence
Catherine W, Gold Coast

quotation marksCarolines truth essence allowed me to connect and clearly align with who I am underneath all of the chatter and chaos of false identities. My habits and negative characteristics fell away allowing peace of mind and ease of forward movement to enter my life.

Chelsey M Brisbane

quotation marksEvolution essence helped me to move into a new vibrational energy especially at work. I feel more confident and a truer version of myself. I have more clarity in my mind which enables me to speak clearly without my past lack of confidence. Thank you so much Caroline

Ange K, Brisbane

quotation marksI used the Safe Haven essence when I was going through a turbulent change within myself relating to my own beliefs that were created in this life through past experiences. The Safe Haven essence began to work straight away as it helped to centre and calm me. It didnt take long before I was able to live openly once more.

Helen H, Brisbane

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