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Private Sessions Where experience brings a quality to life and understanding allows a change to begin, change that cr.. Product #: Intuitive Therapy Regular price: $0.00 $0.00

Private Sessions

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Intuitive Therapy Private Sessions

Caroline Byrd through Holistic Counseling creates a space in which you can access your personal truth, identify with your authentic self and discover self awareness and joy.  Using different Holistic therapies you will be guided through your own individual experience, gaining a more profound understanding of your Mind, Body and Spirit.

Holistic Counseling will look at your belief systems which hold you back in your business, personal and inter-personal life.  As your mind begins the process of dropping beliefs you increase your own self worth, and the love and appreciation of self and others.

Re-aligning the mind, body and spirit allows the natural state of well being to move through you and into your world.

First session  $290.00

Follow up sessions $220.00 

3 x 1 hour session package paid up front $600 Save $60

5 x 1 hour session package paid up front $1000 Save $100

We do Zoom sessions and Private in office sessions. After making your booking Caroline will contact you to organise a time for your session. Please include your preferred session method and suitable dates in the comments field on checkout.

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Intuitive Therapy Testimonials

  • “My husband’s 42 year old sister, Lucy was fighting her fourth battle with cancer when I asked Caroline if she would be able to offer therapy for Lucy and our family during an extremely stressful time. Caroline’s informal discussions combined with meditation and Reiki sessions gave not only Lucy, but other family members, insight into our individual journeys and the many challenges we all face. "
    Julie B, Brisbane
  • "I have known Caroline for 2 years since meeting her during Holistic Counseling studies with the Awakening Group. I began seeing Caroline for counseling/ psychic mentorship around a year ago and I can honestly say that every session has brought me deeper and deeper to my true core of self-acceptance and joy. "
    Sarah Yip
  • "Caroline is a professional and Intuitive Therapist who brings a lifetime of experience and compassion to her practice. Her ability to switch between Therapy and channeling is a rare gift and has been particularly helpful for me as I expand my studies in the metaphysical area. I highly recommend Caroline to you as an Intuitive Therapist and healer. "
    Sarah Yip

Newsletter  JOIN US! Sign up for our latest news, upcoming
events, divine guidance and insight.