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Meditation has been my companion now for many years, when I need to connect; it is present, when I need to surrender; it helps me, and when I need to heal; it guides me.

Understanding now that meditation is a doorway that opens to the inner sanctuary, I am able to bring any issues, problems, fears, and anxieties through the doorway to release, to enable me to connect deeper within once more.

It is in this deep state of relaxation that the mind begins to slow down, the body relaxes and the Soul once more is filled with recognition and connection.  When this happens my days are peaceful, they flow, and are filled with wonderful outcomes that occur naturally.  Happily I begin my day after my morning meditation, and the day takes me, it guides me and I am able to achieve so much from this peaceful beginning.

The days that I become busy first and don’t connect through meditation, still flow, yet not so easily, there are blocks, small mishaps, and procrastination fills the mind.

Meditation can take many forms, and can be used for many purposes; some of them are:

  • To still the mind
  • Relax the body
  • Heal the body
  • Create your reality
  • Connect with guidance
  • Energise the body
  • Clear the Aura
  • Surrender your struggles
  • Listen to Guidance
  • Calm the breathing system

How you meditate, can vary, depending on your teaching, and what feels comfortable.  Some don’t realise they are meditating when contemplating, or even when day dreaming.  When you have your eyes fixed on one point, you are quiet in mind, and open to what comes; internally you feel, hear, see or just know things.

Here are some examples of how to meditate:

  • Sitting, eyes closed, dropping into the body
  • Following the breath
  • Creative visualisation
  • Candle gazing
  • Open eyed fixed meditation
  • Guided meditation

When you bring meditation into your life, it becomes a part of you; it resonates into everything you do, say and be in the world.
Meditation creates the space between the mind, body & spirit connection for healing to begin.

If you are searching for change then try mediation, it can help alleviate:

  • Stress
  • Pain
  • Depression
  • Fear
  • Guilt
  • Judgment
  • Anxiety
  • illness

In the beginning you meditate; and in the end meditation becomes you.

All Soulbyrds meditations are provided as a downloadable MP3 file so you can play it from your computer, mobile phone or MP3 player.

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The Pathway

The Pathway assists you in finding a place that is peaceful and serene within your own being; a place where you reach higher levels of yourself, and connect back to the simplicity of life.



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Letting go

Letting go takes you into the tranquil settings of nature; to create a space for releasing and letting go of your deeper emotions, thoughts and concerns. This frees you to continue on with your day, your work and your life, with a fresher, lighter and more positive outlook.



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Meeting the self

Meeting the self guides you on a journey far away from the clutter of the mind; everyday stress begins to fall away and you venture deeper within and connect to your inner guide. Meeting your inner guide opens you up to a truth that is calming, peaceful and genuine.



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Soul Illumination

Soul Illumination utilises the gentle calming sounds of the ocean waves; as you meander toward a place of connection. This connection introduces you to your soul; where you will begin to gain insights, listen to guidance and leave your thoughts and worries behind.



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Healing with energy

Through my communication with Gandhi this meditation was formed. In learning to connect and be vigilant with our energies we in turn become the change that we are looking for. This builds strength and power in our own energy and with that strength and power we can change ourselves and our surroundings.



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Spirit of Expansion

Expanding your energy field allows a freedom to enter your awareness, this freedom brings with it peace of mind, clarity and healing. You will feel energised, open and supported as you merge into higher realms.



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Meditation Testimonials

  • “The meditation tracks are a wonderful tool to letting go and bringing me back to my authentic self.

    It helps every time.

    Very relaxing and calming."
    Leitisha, Brisbane
  • "My wife suggested I listen to Caroline’s meditations to help me unwind before bed. I have always had a hard time turning the “Work Button” off, which left great difficulty in me trying to let go of the daily stresses and get some rest. At first I thought “How can I listen to this, I get too restless” But that has all changed since listening to the Meditations, I am letting go of the day, leaving the daily stress with it. "
    Rob W, Gold Coast
  • "I found Caroline’s open way of communicating very easy to interact with and her meditation style really appealed to me.

    I gained many personal insights with her guidance."
    Jen Hall

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Newsletter  JOIN US! Sign up for our latest news, upcoming
events, divine guidance and insight.