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Wholeness /Oneness

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Until the concept of we are one enters the thought, it is very difficult to accept everyone as the same.  This I concept exists in everybody separating the whole into individual parts; entailing the thought concept of like and dislike. For when we do not see everyone as ourselves or from the one source, we then categorise individuals.

To get past this stage takes a deep state of awareness; this is the stage of letting go of the concepts of I, and as a result we become whole individuals; who are flowing contentedly at the source from whence we all derive.

As human beings we all have the same make up; we all have the same thought concepts; we all have the ability to be good or bad; we all have choice and the choices we make shall determine our destiny, whether they are good or bad.

You see we are all capable of being good or bad; it is the awareness behind each choice we make which determines the outcomes.  So whether we have made good or bad choices we are all from the same energy source.

We are all from the same collective consciousness and energies we meet or know are actually all from the same collective part which we vibrate to.  We all have a role to play in this drama series called life.  The characters we choose to play for our own gain in lessons, and also to help the other characters to continue to play out theirs. 

Behind everything that is said or done to individuals, there lies a lesson.  This play is a school of learning, but to learn what?  It is to learn about life and death; to understand the connectedness of life and death and to know that these two go hand-in-hand and to allow these lessons to happen in our everyday life.  When we understand the concept of death, we then are able to understand life.

To express ourselves through these multitudes of characters is life. 

When we understand that we are all one, we then see behind the character of the individual and to the source which is life.  This source is a part of all of us, finally we find we have no thought which goes beyond the love of life, and we see everyone who has ever been and ever will be as part of ourselves which is the source.
Blessings from Jonah December 1998©


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events, divine guidance and insight.