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Where am I doing it from?

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There is nothing; yes nothing, no- thing that appears in your world that is not connected to self.

Look also to the world of illusions for your sanity; for your connectedness. It appears that spirituality separated the projections in the world; and you begin to pick and choose which ones seemed and deemed appropriate for connecting to and doing. You judge the world; you only bought into your reality what you believed reality should look like, going by your spirituality.

Before you became engrossed in your journey to find spirituality you were still living; you worked, paid bills, cleaned your home, and also raised a son and had a partner that you did for.  With no questions asked you lived your life.

Then the quest came to look beyond this world as death propelled you onto a journey that became an epic adventure. One by one you left the things, the doings, the so called mundane behind. Until everything you did and everywhere you looked had a spiritual undertone.

What do you miss the most? What do you enjoy the most? Look to bring back in the world, not own or swap spiritual for physical, but to integrate it now. Allow your whole existence to exude the peace of your spirit, bring into the so called mundane the expression of who you are. Listen deeper on your daily actions, whatever you are showing, just do without judging, without having to be first.

When you are still trying to be, then you are not self; for self cannot be, it just exists. It exists before being and doing in this world. Self has no need to do or be, yes that's right both. Self doesn't need to be spiritual; it doesn't need to do anything. Self exists before any attempt to change, have, or to create.

See where any one thing, one thought, one movement comes from before it exists in the body's mind, heart and soul it comes from source. When you still have a need to be spiritual, know that it is occurring from your mind, not from source. Source does not judge how it looks it does not have any expectations.

There is only one source; one mind and that exists wholly and fully in you, yes at the deepest core, the deepest infinite part of you, when you touch this place all ceases; including being. It’s then you notice that your day, your world, just exists; it just moves through you and you just move through the day.

You listen as your day unfolds, you are the world and you are spirit; all at one time at one moment, the one infinite self just moving freely within the world, with no separate thoughts, with no separate outcomes.

You do, just because you can and you are, just because you do; this is the next equation on the subject of life.

This next era is about all of the journeys coming together now. Coming into harmony with everything; allowing the movements of the world and the soul to exist together, you will not have to prove or show yourself, you will become integrated through the two opposing forces that bind this world together. Yes the spiritual versus the illusion; once they integrate fully a deeper aspiration leaves the body and creates in the world.

There is no what to do or not do. You just move; move into what is adjusting your every movement to keep the two fully integrated. Yes there will be moments of non-integration; however, self now is realigned and will adjust the polarity within, without hesitation.

As you write you feel it deep within; the change has already occurred and the deeper aspiration is already aligning the movements with ease. Never before have you wanted something and felt something that it feels so right; self is ready and now waiting, but not for long, engage deeply with self and the two integrate.

Without your connection first, it seems a struggle and effort. Destiny always occurs; it is now your choice as to how it looks. Is it easy because you are flowing with source, or is it hard because you are trying to do the destiny.

This is the only point left; always remember “where are you doing it from?”
Blessings from Jonah to Caroline 22nd of December 2009©


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