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To create the well-being of our selves and also the well-being of another individual; the key to this is within our touch, to be able to touch with pure unsalted awareness.

We are then able to open up so many different aspects of ourselves and of others. There is actually so much more to sense and feel about touch, which goes beyond just the physical touch.

The feeling which is created through this altered touch can be expanded on and felt at a much deeper level.  When we reach this deeper touch, we are able to move the energy which we feel through our whole systems so as to energise all parts of the whole, and not to restrict it to one specific area. 

The feelings of touch are deep in our systems; whether giving or receiving.  We can create and use these energies to give total energising effects to the whole being and this is the key to well-being. Our own doubts and fears and guilt’s are the blockages which will prevent us from using our energy for this purpose.

To actually overcome these blockages are the end products of feelings through touch; To touch and feel unconditionally with love is the beginning of this stage.  There must be no barriers between yourself and the individual which you are to be giving this touch to. 

This is the stage where your doubts guilt’s and fears will have to be faced and surrendered; for purposes other than your own well-being.

You see normally most people touch “or” they feel, but the key to your well-being and the well-being of another is to touch and feel at the same time.  When you feel the touch that you are giving or receiving, you can move the feeling throughout your body. 

When you touch do not block where or who you are touching; when you are touched do not block the feeling in that area, use it and move it.  Allow it to be free; touching and feeling should be together as one.

The love and healing which are created when these two are brought together are stages of well-being.. 
Blessings from Jonah July 1997©


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Guest Tuesday, 06 June 2023

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events, divine guidance and insight.