Please help me see clearly how I can heal the issue of my separation from my husband and him seeing another woman.

Thy little one, grasp only one truth and that is all that is needed here.

The one truth is; we are all one. 

No woman, no ex-husband, what is in “one mind” is in your life. 

What you believe is a belief on all levels; is there really rejection and betrayal here or are you betraying yourself?  Has anyone really done anything to you or have you been doing this to yourself?

These are conflicts that arise from “a” separation, not from the marriage but from “one mind” separating itself from its source. 

There is no you and them; why do you believe that this is happening apart from “one mind”.
This can only exist in the “one mind”; not your individual mind.

You cannot to be cheated on; you can only cheat on yourself.

Remember that this is always a reflection of you: you are only seeing separation in your individual mind.  Go within and see where this separation truly occurs.
Blessings from Jonah to Caroline June 2003