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Mind versus the Heart

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Life today is full of people who are stuck in their heads; this is to say that they do not trust their hearts.

People are still trying to find their answers to life from their head and not feeling their heart. The reasoning behind this is that your mind would jump in to try to confuse you, to stop you from going into your heart; your soul your true feelings.

We need to understand that our heart has all the answers; be aware though that you must leave your head behind. This is a very simple learning yet most people do not understand this.

Most of the time people are only in their heads; most individuals are afraid of their heart because this is where you have experienced your pain; so you choose not to go there. The reality is that this pain that you are feeling is actually from this choice, the choice of not wanting to go to your heart. Your pain is that you have never found your true self; your true self is crying out in pain.

This is just one of the vicious cycles we put upon ourselves. All that is needed is to have the intention of knowing self through the heart. The heart is where you meet the soul.

When you are occupying the mind you are not really feeling because really you do not want to feel.

When you have the intent to feel through the heart, you will really feel, and you will feel all that there is. You will start to feel who you are and that which you really are. Love will start to flow from every part of your being even to the point where you forget the mind and start to know yourself through your feelings.

You will know that your body is your friend, who shows you the discomforts of life, which are your aches and pains. When you learn to listen to the self from a deeper awareness and not just through your thoughts, life becomes much simpler and easier.  This is when your answers become accessible daily to you; for you are in constant contact with your heart and soul, and your soul knows why you chose to be here this lifetime. 

Use this knowledge of yourself and flow through this life.
Jonah September 1999©


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Guest Tuesday, 06 June 2023

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events, divine guidance and insight.