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Let go in the New Moon

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Once again we are sitting in the energy of  a New Moon, yet for me this new moon has a significant movement attached to it. I am no astrologer and I have never studied in this field. Only through my own experiences have I connected the dots when there is a major shift in the planetary alignments. This shift usually happens within a few days of the actual planetary shift. This New Moon began to move within my body 3 days ago, it appeared as an agitation and uncomfortableness, and then appeared in a feeling of movement, wanting to change my way of living, maybe even travel to another country. The movement forward that I was feeling didnt seem to match my lifestyle at this moment. How can I achieve all of these positive outcomes that I wish and desire to experience when right now it looks and seems impossible to have.

I began to surrender all of these future possibilities and free my mind and heart once more. Then within another day they returned in a vengence, my mind was full of things to do and it questioned everything. I realised that these feelings were deeper than just momentary thoughts arising and falling. I saw that they are positive creations, and they are already forming in the energy pool of creation.

Then I realised the energy this week is moving into a New Moon alignment, and for me that always equates to letting go, now letting go sounds easy but many people including myself sometimes want to hold onto old ideas, experiences, beliefs even though you may know they are not actually serving a positive outcome. When the New Moon appears it is time to let go and let God have the reins once more, so you can become the observer, watching, waiting and feeling at peace because you are trusting once more in the flow of life through the universe.

In the energy cycle of the New Moon begin to write down all of the ideas, desires, wishes, creations, what ever you want onto paper and in the energy of the day/evening or within 24 hours of the New Moon you can do a ritual and burn the paper surrendering then letting go of these outcomes to something greater than the bodies limited mind. "Of myself I do nothing with you God anything is possible" now the term God is not religious as such, but is a representation in my life as the one source, the one moment, you can use whatever term you wish.

Once you have written down all of your ideas, desires, wishes and creations you can

click on the FREE MEDITATION below and follow the steps to Let go before you surrender your words to the Universe...

The Letting Go meditation has been created by Caroline Byrd "The Intuitive therapist" & Amanda Morrison "The Medium" www.amandamorrison.net Narrated by Caroline Byrd





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Guest Tuesday, 11 August 2020

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