I am flexible in everything I do; flexibility is who you really are; know that.

Why are you afraid of moving of leaving?  It is because you are not being flexible......Is that what is meant by flexibility to move?

To leave things behind; you are never leaving anything of value behind; you take everything you are with you.

It does not matter where you are, but how you are. Your feelings are your indications in life, if it is not “feeling” from love, then let it go.

Letting go is freeing you up to the flow of life. You only have pain when you are not letting go.

Feel from where the pain is, what sort of pain? Is it a stiffening, aching, or restricting pain? 

If so then you are not flowing; you are holding tight to where you are and what you have. You are aching to be free; you have restricted the flow of love.

You are holding onto the “love” you feel. You can't believe that there is any more to gain.

But I tell you there is an enormous influx of love, and all you need do is trust and let go of what you think gives you your happiness and allow yourself to be free and experience more of who you are.

Blessings from Jonah2002©