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Connecting to the earth is beginning to have more of a deeper meaning for many today.  As each of you walking your daily life become aware of energies that are within the earth and also that surrounds and flows through your own body.

These energies are similar as in they are all electromagnetic; as you walk begin to allow your feelings to expand to meet these energies that are pulling you to different areas and different places on the land.

Take some time out; begin to feel the earth talking to you.  This exchange does not have to be literal it may come in the form of a knowing, or even a jolt of energy, and at that moment you feel the urge to sit on the land. 

This placed where you are feeling the urge to connect to the land, is known as a power place.  A power place is where each particular person is drawn to for the connection of similar electromagnetic energies. If your connection to the earth is poor then the feelings will be weaker. As you practice this connection through feeling the earth energies you will be strengthening the connection so to become more balanced and whole.  The earth has energy lines that are equal to the energy meridians in the human body.

How places are created when energy is drawn to one area of the earth.  The energy lines that feed all areas of the earth's surface can be drawn to a specific area simply by consciously calling the energy to the place where it is needed.  This can be done through various techniques, such as singing, dancing, and ceremony or to just be and feel this connection.  As you create energy within yourself the earth will shift to send the electromagnetic energy to the place where you are.

Human beings are actually catalyses who can direct the elements, as in air, earth, water and fire. These gifts that every human being has within themselves, can redirect the forces of nature to catalyse the elements that change planetary conditions.  You have the ability to direct your thoughts to influence the part of the energy lines that feed the earth.  This is why it is very important for each of you to clear your feeling and thought levels so that your energy levels are flowing freely throughout your system.  Then the earth energies beneath your feet are flowing in perfect harmony with your system.

Imagine humanity as a collective that understands this process, and begins to clear their emotional field and thought patterns so the earth's magnetic energies can be called back into alignment and you become balanced and the earth becomes balanced to create fewer shifts in the earth structure. 

As a catalyst your infinite gift is to create; to be conscious of your energy system and the electromagnetic impulses that you are creating will enable you to be in more balance within yourself. 

This balancing will enable you to create through utilising the earth energies within your system. When you acknowledge this gift within yourself, you become a giver and receiver simultaneously; a living antenna that conducts energy between the earth and the universe.

When you heal, you are automatically healing the earth, as humans you are like cells in and on the earth’s body.  When you begin the process, you will understand the meaning again; heal thyself.

Everything that is healed within yourself is also healed within the earth, so do not believe that you are but one and therefore cannot accomplish much. You are all a powerful catalyst for the healing of the whole.
Blessings from Jonah October 2000


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events, divine guidance and insight.