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Cycles of Growth

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Growth is very apparent in everything that you are doing, yet to grow is not the answer at this time. Growth is the middle stage the place of waiting, of grasping and of searching. When growth becomes less of a need within you, the journey will begin. At this stage in your life the journey is to integrate, consolidate and receive the fruits of your growth. You begin to recognise this cycle just as you recognise the cycles of plants.


When you plant the seeds you wait for growth, when the fruit is ready to be born and is ready to be picked the plant opens up and is willing to give of the fruit is has grown. The ripeness of any fruit that is ready will fall into your hand, as you touch the fruit there will be no need to pull the fruit it just drops naturally when ready. When you begin to reap the fruits of the seed, the plant begins to freely produce more fruit more ideas more knowledge and experiences that it is willing to share with you.

Once the fruit begins to subside the plant slowly diminishes and its leaves begin to wilt, they will return back into the ground, the cycle is over it returns from where it began before the seed even gave life. We are all born from a seed and yet we came from the nothing place the source of energy, before the seed was even planted. When this life the growth within this life is over we then return to the nothing space to the source energy where everything is created from. As we begin the process of breaking down some parts of our life begin to fall away they get depleted and then finally we let go and the body dies.

If you were to take this understanding of growth from a seed to the final fruit and break it down into hours, days and years, you will see that everything has a beginning middle and an end. Everything you do, everything you create, what you accumulate eventually changes form, it may end, things may die, people may die, plants may die, pets may die. As you become more familiar with this cycle you will honour all the circumstances in your life in your world you will honour every part of the cycle of growth.

Try not to hold too tightly onto the stages in your life, let them naturally come and go, let them ebb and flow. All suffering in the world only happens when you don't let go, or change, or move on, your experience here in a body is truly based upon ebbing and flowing. When you begin a new cycle in your life you will feel and see the growth in this cycle, it will take you on a journey it will show you many wondrous things. As you grow be aware that when the cycle needs to end that you are letting it go, let the cycle end when it is time, when it is ready and don't try to hold onto and make it end when you want it to end.

Allow life to take you on the journey for now, let life show you its purpose for you being here. Remember growth is only possible in the acceptance of new beginnings and also in the acceptance of letting go in ending a prior experience. Love your life fully in every aspect; love the connection within you, the connection within you that extends out into your world, your reality, the reality that you have created. Know that within every atom and molecule within your reality within your life there is the potential seed for change, for a new idea a new seed to sprout from the old growth.

Begin to nurture your soul in this process, direct your time and energy back into co-creating with the very core the very essence, which is already a sublime image of the human capacity to grow; Try not to deny the subtle connections that are always present. Your only purpose is to connect internally and to know that you are the creator of your own reality; you are that particle of the creator the God self creating through the body. Ultimately how you are feeling at every moment is your indication of what you are creating and what you have been creating within your own reality.

Gradually you will learn to let go of something that has outgrown itself, something that has born you fruit for a long time but now it may feel like the fruit is smaller is not as tasty is not as full filling. Let it go, allow the leaves to fall let this part of your life fully leave because from this moment there will be seeds within your consciousness that have been planted for future growth because of this plant that you nurtured you loved you fed and you interacted with. Allow yourself to sit in the place before this seed sprouts before the next point the next experience shows itself within you. Be willing to rest in the No-thing space and watch future thoughts feelings and creative sparks plant the next seed for creation.

Blessings Jonah

© Caroline Byrd









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