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Choose again

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There are always people and situations that will test your strengths and weaknesses on your journey of discovering who you really are. These moments will often feel like a lifetime.

You can feel unloved or unworthy; you can find yourself in such negative thoughts that you believe that what is happening outside of yourself is real.  This is the point of what is often called depression, being down or in a rut. If we allow this to control who we believe we are then we slip further and further away from the truth of who we really are.

These feelings can be so overwhelming we cannot see a way out. It seems easier to be that which we are feeling, to see anything else is to really have to look at who we are.  Not many of us are willing to take this step to see who we are.  Many times I have been at the point of this low and many times I have dwelled in the low and thought that there was no way out.

Through the years I have started to recognise below that that which it really is; and that is the turning point of seeing through the eyes of love.  To realise that in every moment we are being asked to choose again.  The choices we make in our lives is who we are today. The more we make the choice to choose love the more times we are put through the challenge again.  When we choose to be in the rut or the depression, it is because we have actually made the choice to see clearer.  So in these moments we must all remember who we are. 

Remember that we are all here to wake up.  To wake up at every moment we are in this physical body is, at every moment to see the love that we are.  Whether or not we feel happy or sad, these are the dualities of life itself.  Every duality has its opposite, so when you are high or low know that whatever you are being at that moment you will also be drawing its opposite to you.  So when you see the opposite know that is all it is, and let it go. 

When we understand this balancing act we have created for our own individual growth, we then can see clearer when we are not choosing that which we are.  When we choose the love that we are, we are balanced and we do not get high or low we accept everything that we are; for at this time of choosing we are really saying that it is fine to be here that we choose to be where we are so we can grow into that which we really are. 

This is looking deeper; to see the cause of being there without dwelling on the effect.  The cause is the steps to love; that is, who you are no matter where you are. 

You will feel lighter when you stop allowing yourself to do well in the effect but to let it all go and step up to the truth of who you are.

Love and embrace every aspect of who you are; in knowing that, the choices we make are our strengths.

Everything each of us goes through in our lives is to challenge the deeper meaning of who you are. 

Do not blame yourself or others for where you are; but embrace and allow true self to shine through; this is how you become who you are. 

The embracing of the true self is to love who you are and when you love at those moments who you are, then your life will flow again. 

Love flows and love allows life to flow to everything when you make the decision to be; for at this point your car, your life won’t seem so desperate, for at these moments you are seeing with clarity and life will flow.
Blessings from Jonah 1997©


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Guest Tuesday, 04 October 2022

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