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Choice for guidance

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What is it then can you enjoy when it seems to be that the world around you is falling apart?  You can enjoy the truth.

You can enjoy the truth; when you make this simple choice to join with me and enjoy that ridge is changeless within us.  A light begins to shine that reaches out from us and penetrates the appearances of the world around you.  Always and always again there is but one thing; just one thing, one little lesson that needs to be learned. And once it is learned it need only be remembered until that remembrance is within you, within every breath.... there is nothing outside me.

Only because you bring effort into it, all that you require is this, today I will be the weakness of my thoughts, how am I thinking my thoughts, what words am I choosing when I speak, for the word is powerful indeed.  Vigilance does not require effort as much as it asks the relinquishment of effort.
You have taught the mind to be side tracked and it becomes so, listen to this very carefully.... the mind becomes side tracked every time you let yourself believe that what is occurring out there on the screen of your life is something that is real and independent of your own mind. Do you see?


It doesn't matter what the event, what matters is, are you aware of how you are choosing to think about it. When you come to see that there is nothing outside you, that it really is all in your head, and accept that the mind is not in the head, then a great power begins to be reborn in you.  You realise that by reconstructing the foundation within your mind, what is projected outside must necessarily change. When there are enough awakened minds that are doing just that, the world that you have been taught is real out there will be different.

If the mind can construct a world that reflects separation, it can indeed construct that which reflects union with God. The day comes when you begin to realise just how astounding that is, because it includes the body itself. 

To use time constructively is to be vigilant in observing how you are allowing the mind to work, to begin to see the patterns that create limitation, lack, hurt, fear, judgement and all of the rest and begin to interrupt them at their inception, and make other choices.

Jonah 2002©


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Guest Thursday, 02 February 2023

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events, divine guidance and insight.