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Balancing with life itself

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There is a connection between every human being and every living, breathing thing on this planet. There is so much for you to observe in this world of life that often you become distracted with the mundane cycle of the material world. This mundane cycle carries within it an exterior view of your thought levels. When your mind is only directed on the exterior view it becomes hard for you to feel at the interior level of your being. This is a distraction within itself to keep you further and further away from the overall picture of this world, which is full of life and feelings.

To live in the world is to balance the exterior and the interior parts of life. You all know that what you see is in this world as in solidness, such as houses, cars, people, buildings, etc. These are playing a prominent role in your life everyday. You know what you see with your eyes and you know the sounds that arise from this part of seeing. There are also smells and tastes, and you know the texture of these outside appearances in your world. Then we move on to the animal kingdom, you see many types of animals in the world and most of them you cannot relate back to yourself. Many people are not shown how interaction with the animal kingdom can benefit in their levels of feelings. This level of feeling begins with sharing a part of you with something other than human beings. This sharing brings you into a deeper perspective of the range of sensations that can arise from giving freely of your feeling levels without having any judgements put upon you. Those of you who have exchanged this feeling between yourself and the animal kingdom will understand this feeling and you are more capable as human beings in sharing this with everyone who they meet on a daily basis.

The next part and the most important is your individual connection with nature. Nature means every living thing that is left on the Earth plane. All around you every day you see nature at work.  To understand is not just to watch the weather change daily or to watch the grass grow so as to mow it down again or even to wait for the flowers in your garden to grow so you can cut them off and bring them into your home. All of these are done from the exterior mundane parts of life.  Behind each of these doing levels around nature there is no recognition of feelings between these exchanges. To bring feelings into every part of nature is to recognise that part of the self that feels and loves and grows as it is nurtured.  Imagine living as nature and being a glorious tree or a beautiful flower and your only purpose in life is to share your feelings of love and beauty with the whole universe.  Then as you were in your full glory someone came along and cut you down with no feeling behind this exchange.  Eventually this would suppress your true nature, which is to share your feelings with the whole.  Then eventually you would stop producing these beautiful parts of yourself.  Well this is what is happening to the Planet, as humans you have disregarded this exchange of feelings in the world and now the Earth is suffering and not producing its full glory any more.

To bring back into balance these parts of life; is to begin to feel from all levels of your being. As you move through this world you need to feel the connection to not only your fellow man but also all of nature and the animals; including the elements, Fire Water, Wind and Earth. When you can see yourself as a part in every element, every human, every living creature and every part of nature then balancing will begin.

Then comes the question, how?  How can this be achieved in the world today?  The answer; is simply to stop.  To stop is always the first criteria for any mind that is full of chatter.  How are you able to go beyond your mind chatter if you are not willing to stop and feel?  At first you will feel the fullness that is in your mind, this is not true feelings, these are feelings that are only from mind and chatter. The true feelings begin when your mind has ceased.  To some this is impossible and maybe to a certain depth it is impossible in this world; but let us get back to the simple facts that we are discussing here and they are to stop and clear the mind chatter and not to make all sorts of excuses why you are not able to stop. This in itself is adding more chatter to your mind.

Once you begin to sit and stop, even for ten minutes, you will have started the process to feel. Imagine having no thoughts in general occupying your mind, would you not have to go into another part of the self?  This going deeper is the beginning of feeling.  Feelings are always a part of every human being; you choose not to go there, so you keep yourself occupied in your thinking levels.  Thinking levels are actually draining to the energy, which sustains your physical being. This is why it is so important to clear your thinking levels and to move more into your feeling levels.  Feeling levels are where humans create their energy level supplies.  Feelings are so much a part of you that the need is to fill yourself up on feelings that are of a positive nature to create positive energies within your own system. This in turn will enable you to sustain yourself for much longer periods in your daily interactions.

So to end this discussion on balancing; the outcome will be that as you fill up with positive energies and begin feeling into your own being you will automatically extend these feelings onto those you come into contact with.  This you will recognise as many wish to be more in your company without you having to do anything at all. Then this energy pattern will also expand from you into nature, this is why it is so important to feel this closeness with nature.  This in turn will be healing for the Earth, and all it took was for humanity to balance their thought and feeling levels.

Blessings from Jonah©


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Guest Tuesday, 04 October 2022

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events, divine guidance and insight.