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Jonahs wisdom 010316

A leap year equates to a leap in faith, it unravels the many stories that you have allowed to keep you small, complacent and stuck in your life. This leap is a leap forward in momentum; it carries you toward the goal of evolutionary processes. Everyone and I mean everyone will be feeling the leap and many will scream, kick and buck up against the leap. Some of you are trying to keep cool in the eye of the leap, as this is known as the Quantum leap of heat. The heat reflects externally and inside you, the heat is slowly brewing inside and for many that can look like body ailments again. For others it can look like an emotional roller coaster, but for humanity it is an unveiling of the finer energy vibrations that are moving into your atmosphere and gently moving into your body, then your mind and ultimately it will ignite the passion of the Souls journey.

To create the well-being of our selves and also the well-being of another individual; the key to this is within our touch, to be able to touch with pure unsalted awareness.

We are then able to open up so many different aspects of ourselves and of others. There is actually so much more to sense and feel about touch, which goes beyond just the physical touch.

The feeling which is created through this altered touch can be expanded on and felt at a much deeper level.  When we reach this deeper touch, we are able to move the energy which we feel through our whole systems so as to energise all parts of the whole, and not to restrict it to one specific area. 

The keys of transformation are actually knowledge; well kept and well hidden, this knowledge will enable you to walk your path with hidden aspects.

These hidden aspects will allow transformations to occur from the depths of your cellular memory and there are many of these transformations available to you.  Once you reach a certain stage in your growth you subconsciously connect to the symbols to lead you through to the next stage.

At this level you will notice unusual things happening around you; certain things do not appear to be really happening.  This is the physical body becoming lighter to the extent of illusionary happenings.  Using this knowledge you will be more aware of how to transcend the physical body.

To hear or not to hear; God loves you whether you know it or not. 

You don't need to really hear or understand; you just need to really know the truth of who you are, then all will fit into place. This is all that your life will reflect back to you; we have never been so loving and wanting for you to understand that we love you with all of our lifetimes we have been together.

It is the utmost love that we transfer to you my beloved; things of the past can never come between us and our journeys; we all love you just as equally as we know deep in your heart that you love us, with just the right intent.

So here we are; just waiting and wanting for all the wonderful things to come into your awareness in the right point of recognition.  It is true that all that comes to you is of your desires; yet that desire was predestined to fall into who you are at this point of accepting and awakening.

Dynamic awareness is when the micro and macro are in total balance and harmony within yourself and your environment.

To be able to feel at all levels of consciousness is what the goal to life is all about. To have the ability to achieve at all levels is the outcome.

Children without having to understand this ability naturally access it.  In other words they are balanced within themselves and their only environment.  As adults we are more conscious of the faults within ourselves and society hence we tend to block this ability.

I would like to give an analogy for you to take in deeper what this meaning is; as a child of nine years old, some friends and I were playing down the creek close to a sports event. We wanted to hide from other people and we pretended that the creek was where we lived. During the day we found that we were able to run faster and quicker through the rough terrain without any issues and we never sustained any scratches or prickles as we ran yet the most significant part of the day was that we were able to not be seen by people who ventured throughout the creek that day.  We were able to fit ourselves into the environment, so they could not see us we were in such balance we even heard them coming from a greater distance than normal.  You see without realising it; as a child we were as one with both our environment and ourselves, which then heightened our awareness. 

Any purpose is remembrance; remembrance of who you are, and if that means that you need to do anything in the world to remember then so be it.

It seems so simple!

Simple yes; but easy no!  Simple because there is nothing to do, but easy no, because the human parts need doing to justify existence, all I will say in this moment is simplify your existence and life will begin to simplify its existence around you.

Let me ask you a question.  What are you searching for?

I really don't know it changes often!

Exactly; how can you search for something in a world that does not exist, how can you find something that changes in the world of illusion? 

A weakness within society is only formed from a weakness within ourselves.

We do not always understand at what level most of our social problems relate to.  We all make the same perpetual mistake of not looking deeply into the reasons behind the thoughts of doubt and of insecurity.

If we actually looked at our weaknesses as a source of growth then we will actually strengthen our inner systems.

Our own core is much more accessible then we'd like to acknowledge.  We must all learn to be able to create on a level within each individuals system. 

To open, to receive, to store, to transmit; these words sound like we are discussing radio of sorts or a television set.  

In context these are describing the channel of energy; for human channelling, radio and television channelling, using energy sources.

To be able to chat from the human perspective is a case of being willing to allow the energies to flow unaltered through your own system. 

To channel is to become open like a piece of conduit.  A piece of electrical conduit is used so the electrical cable can run from one source to the other without any interference, from any outer sources.  In other words what comes in one end comes out the same at the other end without anything stopping it on its way.

To trust; this word trust has much character but unfortunately not everybody knows how to use this word in the meaning in which it was intended.

This word has depth; it goes so deep within the core of you, and many are afraid to use it in the way that it was meant to be used.

So what is this word anyway! This word of character; to trust is to let go!

To let go of all the past conditionings, which have made you unsure of trusting?  To trust is also to open up, to open up parts of yourself which you have not wanted to acknowledge to other people, and most importantly not wanting to acknowledge to yourself.

Lately I have been reaching in deeper and deeper into the core of my own reality.  Some of the things which I have found are not what I would like to openly admit to.  But nevertheless, they are part of me.  The more I want to search to find out the truth about myself and my actions in this lifetime, the easier the grasping becomes.  Everything which I hear is another deeper reflection than that which I crossed even six months ago.

Each day there is always a thought or a sentence spoken, which stirs up this insatiable knowledge and if I may, wisdom, which is a part of me.  I then search the corresponding path within myself which I can recognise of the self, the all that is within my system.  I have now stepped on a deeper path which I know shall lead me to even deeper and darker moments of this self, this person I have become.  I sometimes wonder where all this is leading me to.  But then remember that it is not leading me anywhere which I have not been before.  I have seen the good and the bad side of myself, but I never knew that both were in me at all times.  We all have what we need, at whatever moment it is needed.  More and more I am beginning to understand why I could not just see bad in people who were at that time bad.  I have realised that I was always seeing everything that everyone has and will always be.

To let go of control and live, to totally allow the will of God to move through your life, this can feel so terrifying; it's terrifying because you have no control. The meaning there is nothing to do really hits home.

I have sat today just surrendering and being in my life, and by the afternoon an anxious feeling came over me, the feeling that I have to do something; I'm bored, there's nothing to do.

These thoughts made me very agitated, then I realised that I spend most of my days at home doing what I have done today. So what is different about today, the only difference was I surrendered to control.

Social structures; these are actually a form of limitation which we put on ourselves and on everybody else.

In other words it is actually certain sayings by which we describe people and ourselves; such as we are richer or poorer, or better or worse off.

These are very limiting concepts; because of these social structures, we seem to think that to be rich is to be materially rich, or to be poor is of the material or outer poorness.

What about the richness inside of ourselves? Often we think within ourselves; that to be rich within, means we cannot be rich outside of ourselves, another limiting reaction to society.

You are flexible in everything you do; flexibility is who you really are.... know that!

Why are you afraid of moving?  Why are you afraid of leaving?  Is that being flexible? Is that what is meant by “flexibility to move”?

To leave things behind; you are never leaving anything behind you take everything you are with you. 

It does not matter where you are; but “how” you are.

There are always people and situations that will test your strengths and weaknesses on your journey of discovering who you really are. These moments will often feel like a lifetime.

You can feel unloved or unworthy; you can find yourself in such negative thoughts that you believe that what is happening outside of yourself is real.  This is the point of what is often called depression, being down or in a rut. If we allow this to control who we believe we are then we slip further and further away from the truth of who we really are.

These feelings can be so overwhelming we cannot see a way out. It seems easier to be that which we are feeling, to see anything else is to really have to look at who we are.  Not many of us are willing to take this step to see who we are.  Many times I have been at the point of this low and many times I have dwelled in the low and thought that there was no way out.

There is nothing; yes nothing, no- thing that appears in your world that is not connected to self.

Look also to the world of illusions for your sanity; for your connectedness. It appears that spirituality separated the projections in the world; and you begin to pick and choose which ones seemed and deemed appropriate for connecting to and doing. You judge the world; you only bought into your reality what you believed reality should look like, going by your spirituality.

Before you became engrossed in your journey to find spirituality you were still living; you worked, paid bills, cleaned your home, and also raised a son and had a partner that you did for.  With no questions asked you lived your life.

Then the quest came to look beyond this world as death propelled you onto a journey that became an epic adventure. One by one you left the things, the doings, the so called mundane behind. Until everything you did and everywhere you looked had a spiritual undertone.

I am flexible in everything I do; flexibility is who you really are; know that.

Why are you afraid of moving of leaving?  It is because you are not being flexible......Is that what is meant by flexibility to move?

To leave things behind; you are never leaving anything of value behind; you take everything you are with you.

It does not matter where you are, but how you are. Your feelings are your indications in life, if it is not “feeling” from love, then let it go.

The question we need to ask ourselves is whether or not we are doing this for our enjoyment; or for someone else? To really be able to enjoy ourselves we must answer this question.

Most times we choose to do things for other reasons other than our own true enjoyment such as; it is the “done” thing, or this is how I was brought up, or this is what is expected of me. However, in most of these cases what we are actually doing for them is not for our own personal enjoyment.

Enjoyment should be of a wanting for yourself; to be in total enjoyment of what you're doing is actually being honest with yourself. Do you see how everything always revolves and goes back to the self? This is what we are here for as spiritual beings to fulfil our own destiny and enjoyment.

What do we need to accomplish?  Do we need to accomplish things or not?

Sometimes these things don't seem right to find within ourselves for the good or the bad. Do we always need to question what is of action or can we just be content in just being? These all are the idle thoughts which fill out everyday minds.

We cannot just accept to just be; but that is what the universe is wanting on a daily basis to just be.

When you learn to not question, the little thoughts shall no longer occupy the daily thought system.  When you have achieved this, then the higher powers of consciousness shall fill your daily thoughts.

There is a connection between every human being and every living, breathing thing on this planet. There is so much for you to observe in this world of life that often you become distracted with the mundane cycle of the material world. This mundane cycle carries within it an exterior view of your thought levels. When your mind is only directed on the exterior view it becomes hard for you to feel at the interior level of your being. This is a distraction within itself to keep you further and further away from the overall picture of this world, which is full of life and feelings.

To live in the world is to balance the exterior and the interior parts of life. You all know that what you see is in this world as in solidness, such as houses, cars, people, buildings, etc. These are playing a prominent role in your life everyday. You know what you see with your eyes and you know the sounds that arise from this part of seeing. There are also smells and tastes, and you know the texture of these outside appearances in your world. Then we move on to the animal kingdom, you see many types of animals in the world and most of them you cannot relate back to yourself. Many people are not shown how interaction with the animal kingdom can benefit in their levels of feelings. This level of feeling begins with sharing a part of you with something other than human beings. This sharing brings you into a deeper perspective of the range of sensations that can arise from giving freely of your feeling levels without having any judgements put upon you. Those of you who have exchanged this feeling between yourself and the animal kingdom will understand this feeling and you are more capable as human beings in sharing this with everyone who they meet on a daily basis.

Pain; I would like clarity on the pain when my partner brushed me off today

The pain is not separate from your own inner torment; you cannot feel brushed off unless you yourself are brushing off someone, everything is a reflection always of yourself.  Ask yourself; Where are you still doing this to the self?  Where do you not want/need to talk to yourself?  Where are you hurting yourself again and again?

You have put up the blocks and the walls, you are in a war torn state with yourself; you have not yet seen that you are in the beginning stages of life and nothing has begun.  You now have choices of freedom and choices of doing or not doing, you're pain is of you not wanting to talk to yourself, make choices for yourself, and of not wanting to feel good about yourself.

Never have you begun from such a clear slate, this seems hard for you to grasp, that at this moment there is only you, only you to consider.  Life will feel scary, for you are so often making choices based around another.  Yet know you are whole and nothing else exists outside of you. So what do you want to express to you?  Know that there will be no pain if you choose for you first.

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