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CANCELLED - Reiki Masters

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Ready to take your healing abilities to the next level and receive your Reiki Master attunement?


I am so excited to bring you the Reiki Master training


If you have a strong desire to expand your learning of the Reiki and if you are keen to practice and share it with the world, then you are a perfect fit for this program


Trust in the Life Force energy moving you toward this moment. Look beyond the fear and judgement, and trust in your self


Reiki Masters is an honor of all the energy, healing and knowledge that soars through my very veins


If this has pulled you deeper then I urge you to look closer


Reiki Master is the third and final level in the Usui Reiki Healing system. As a Reiki Master you will be committing further to your own self healing and naturally gain a deeper understand of your souls journey


Become a confident Reiki Master


Trust and share your unique way to give reiki, receive spiritual guidance and allow Reiki to integrate perfectly into your sessions, life and your life purpose


In this workshop you'll receive the final two Usui Reiki symbols, the Master attunement, learn how to perform attunements and teach others


The energy that bestows a true Master, will pull at their very core existence


Be the witness to your Souls calling. Say YES to your Souls calling



Prerequisite for this course is Reiki 1 & 2


Payment plan is available upon request




The course will run for 3 days


Friday 30th April: 2:00pm - 6:00pm

Saturday 1st May: 9:30am - 3:30pm

Sunday 2nd May: 9:30am - 3:30pm



Don’t miss out. Book now to secure your place.


Love & Blessings

Caroline Byrd



Start 30 April 2:00 pm
Finish 02 May 3:30 pm
Cost $1,200
$1,200.00 6

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Seminar Testimonials

  • “The Gathering - Absolutely true and beautiful the incredibly amazing Gathering (spiritual meditation and guidance evening) held by the Soul Sisters that are just worth their weight in gold Caroline Byrd and Amanda Morrison. What a wonderful experience, as always. Feeling very privileged to catch up and see even if only for a short while so many beautiful people. "
    Margaret-Ann Foster
  • "Breath of Life - I can highly recommend Caroline's Meditation teachings, they are not only informative but interactive, and you can feel the difference quite tangibly as you walk out at the end of each week, you feel lighter and more connected to yourself and life in general!"
    Amanda, Bowen Bliss, Brisbane
  • "Absolute Experience - I feel like I am walking with more confidence & trust in what I can achieve and be. Thank you so much Amanda & Caroline for opening my world to more positive experiences on my path. The planning of the day was very professional, but more importantly the wisdom shared was invaluable, thank you both for the privilege"
    10/10 loved it
  • "Spiral of Life - I found the course very informative and answered a number of things that I too questioned but had no understanding of the why. I like the way you presented the information and found it to be a really enjoyable day. Lovely people and great experience; I highly recommend this to any person who is seeking to understand more about themselves and how energy works."
    Julie Baker
  • "Contecting 101 - Such a loving wonderful day, I feel connected and know and understand the true meaning of that concept. Thank you Caroline and Amanda true teachers, and so inspiring."
  • Hi Caroline Thank you for a very insightful day on Sunday The room was filled with energy of anticipation and hunger to learn new skills and uncover the beginning of something profound. Thank you for your generosity and for giving me the opportunity to unravel unanswered questions and break free from the shackles that have kept me bound and stuck."
    Sandy Fernande
  • "I can highly recommend any of Caroline's seminars. Her day seminars are not only informative but interactive and you can feel the difference quite tangibly. As you walk out at the end of the day, you feel lighter and more connected to yourself and life in general!"
    Amanda M
  • "hank you for greatly improving the quality of my life. I also really appreciated the sharing of each person's experience after each meditation along with the various forms of meditation taught on the day of a seminar. Thank you again"
    Steven Brisbane, QLD

Newsletter  JOIN US! Sign up for our latest news, upcoming
events, divine guidance and insight.