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Caroline's Insight

Who is Jonah?

When Caroline was young she thought it was normal to have a “Voice” that told you information that you didn’t know yourself.  At this stage in her journey she didn’t understand what it was; it was just there.

It wasn’t until Caroline was about 35 and sitting in a group situation that a question was asked and without thinking Caroline answered it. When she was challenged on how she knew this information she said “the Voice” told me.  The groups reaction was such that Caroline knew not everyone heard “the Voice; this in turn made her question not only her connection to “the Voice” but  made her question her own self as well.

However, through meditation Caroline started to understand that “the Voice” was a natural guidance that she was given access to whenever she needed it or “the Voice” needed to be heard.

After many years of working with “the Voice” and trusting in the experience, it wasn’t until other people stated asking what “the Voices” name was. That Caroline sat in meditation one day and asked “what is your name”? 

The voice was rather annoyed at Caroline wanting to label their connection, and questioned her trust in their experience and stated that I have no name I am energy, I am the collective consciousness. 

When Caroline continued to push for a “label” in a deep meditation one day she saw a body of water with a form wrapped up like a mummy protruding.  When the mummy was standing in front of Caroline “the voice” very annoyed asked are you satisfied?  Do you know how much energy we have just wasted trying to give name and form to energy?  The purpose of our connection is greater than the form that you see.  There are no labels that can describe pure energy....so do not ask again.  So Caroline did not.

Their shared connection became a total trusting of the energy and “the voice” would channel through her anything it wanted shared.  If Caroline had a question to take to “the voice” it would share the answers as required.
Some years later whilst in a deep meditation a form appeared in front of Caroline and she felt that it was a male energy, as it became clearer she saw a beautiful image of a perfect virile male and he stated that he was “Jonah” from the collective consciousness.  I asked if he was my guide?   He said no; I am not off body, or form I am from the collective consciousness. 

Caroline asked then why after all these years are you showing yourself as a body and form?  He stated that where Caroline would be taking this information in the future would require the human mind to have a label so you may speak of me now as

“JONAH”.  This will help those you teach and share the information with to connect with the collective Consciousness.

So began Jonah's wisdom.


 What is going on in my mind and my body?

Welcome back, there have been many distractions, where you have believed you were on track and where life is taking you. But were you connected to me first when you were doing your life, were you joined to your inner connection, and you’re inner resource first. No, you were looking outside of yourself for your gratification and following a path of self sabotage and destruction. The paths you have been on have hit many roadblocks, many distractions and oh yes too much doing and not enough being.

Before the Full Moon last night I was feeling stuck and not able to push myself in my business. I had so much to do, and no movement or energy to do any of it. Then I sat last night and wrote down my list to surrender to Grandmother moon, meditated and finally burnt the list. I could barely see the Full Moon behind the clouds, and as I stood with my arms stretched out praying that the energy of this beautiful moon would guide me in my life I saw her appear as though she heard my call for a minute she showed herself in all her glory and she then disappeared behind the clouds once more.
The energy within me has changed today as I am now powering on in my day, my life and my business. Feeling energised, supported and clear. Thank you Grandmother Moon you are my blessing for forward movement.
Caroline Byrd

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Another flu season has appeared and numerous people are "catching" the flu. The change in seasons are well known for change in tempature, and how you do things in your day. Before the season changes, you are well adapted to the tempatures, highs and lows, and now, there is something different in the atmosphere. I hear a lot of talk in the winter months of people being careful not to "catch" anything, and they become more concerned with health and well being. This is all good for the body to help it cope and stay strong, yet some of you only work on protecting the body from outside ailments by looking at outside interventions and treatments.

I am not saying to stop doing these things, in fact the opposite, I will always tell people to work on their health, the difference is, I will share other components to add to the regime of health. The main part of any dis-ease is the mind, the thoughts, where are your thoughts daily? When I begin to hear of the common cold inflicting itself into the body, I first notice that the ones inflicted are either, stressed, rundown, or busy in their day, I am including myself here. I personally only "catch" a cold when I am run down, tired, stressed and have spent too much time worrying and thinking about life, work, and others.

A busy mind can drain the energy of the body, and how this looks is a weakened constitution, have you noticed when you are busy in your mind, either thinking and stressing too much about something or even trying to study and take in too much information at one time, you begin to feel tired, and dont get enough sleep, then you feel deprived of a good nights sleep and each day starts to compound upon the other. Before you know it the first signs appear within the body that its not quite right, but you still power on trying to continue and ignore the subtle body issues. This is what I call the first port of call for any ailment, and can be used to begin to shift the energy out of the subtle energy systems before it attaches to the deeper energy structures of the physical body.  This might seem very odd or technical, but I assure you it is a simple formula to understand before you become sick.

 Lets look at 10 people sitting in a room, one person has a severe head cold, coughing and sneezing and no windows open in the room. Now this surely would be the downfall for everyone to "catch" the cold, yet surveys have proven that maybe only 3/10 people "catch" the cold in the room. If you were to look at where your thoughts were and how healthy your mind body and spirit were when you are in that room, you would know for yourself the Why? you "caught" the cold, or Why? you didnt "catch" the cold. For those of you reading my blog I know that you will understand where I am coming from when I talk of energy and thoughts draining your energy.

Lets look at this differently now, the physical body is surrounded by an energy called an Aura, when you are feeling great, and have lots of energy, peaceful and not stressed, your aura is bright, strong and full. When you are stressed, tired, thinking too much, your aura shifts and matches what you are feeling. So if you feel depleted, then your aura will be depleted and not as strong. This is when outside ailments as viruses and common cold can move into your aura and eventually attach itself to the body. When these are not cleared from the first port of call, the first initial stage of unsettled energy then they attach and the cycle has to complete its movement through the body. You can lessen the severity by looking after yourself, but you cant actually stop the cycle once it has begun.

If you dont want to be afflicted with any ailments in the body, then look at yourself as a whole particle not just a segment. Work on the mind and pay attention to your thoughts, what are they saying, how do they make you feel and can you have a moment of peace within the mind. There are numerous techniques to use that help clear the mind, for myself, meditation has been my healer as I surrender, and let go within meditation. click here to find out more Also to question your thoughts can be very liberating and calming.  One of the most profound tools to use when clearing the mind is The Work of Byron Katie Click here to find out more

Lets look at the body, so many choices, and not everything will suit everyone, I can only share my experience here, and for me it is eating healthy,whatever that looks like for me, being mindful of how my body is feeling, walking is a great part of my regime for a healthy body. Also drinking plenty of  water each day, again this varies for me and others. I look at so many things we are told not to eat, and then years later being told we can eat it. Because I am not a health practitioner as such, I cant comment too much on what to do and what not to do for a healthy body. I trust that as you look deeper into yourself as a whole you will become intune with your mind body and spirit, and begin to make better choices for yourself.

The Spirit, for most of you is the last part you connect to, yet it is the first part that becomes aware of subtle change. The spirit is the part that has embodied into the physical body. It is who you are and is waiting for the part of you that has disconnected from itself to return and connect within once more. When this connection is made daily, you open to an existence that incorporates the whole of who you are, then the mind, body and spirit compliment each other to work in unison and harmony to create a healthy, mind, body and spirit.

Enjoy the season as you look at life through the eyes of wholeness

Love & Blessings

Caroline Byrd










  • When you begin the journey of peace, the first stage is to identify that everything outside of you is a particle of you. When you choose peace above all else, separation no longer exists, then the beauty in the world becomes you.


Once again we are sitting in the energy of  a New Moon, yet for me this new moon has a significant movement attached to it. I am no astrologer and I have never studied in this field. Only through my own experiences have I connected the dots when there is a major shift in the planetary alignments. This shift usually happens within a few days of the actual planetary shift. This New Moon began to move within my body 3 days ago, it appeared as an agitation and uncomfortableness, and then appeared in a feeling of movement, wanting to change my way of living, maybe even travel to another country. The movement forward that I was feeling didnt seem to match my lifestyle at this moment. How can I achieve all of these positive outcomes that I wish and desire to experience when right now it looks and seems impossible to have.

I began to surrender all of these future possibilities and free my mind and heart once more. Then within another day they returned in a vengence, my mind was full of things to do and it questioned everything. I realised that these feelings were deeper than just momentary thoughts arising and falling. I saw that they are positive creations, and they are already forming in the energy pool of creation.

Then I realised the energy this week is moving into a New Moon alignment, and for me that always equates to letting go, now letting go sounds easy but many people including myself sometimes want to hold onto old ideas, experiences, beliefs even though you may know they are not actually serving a positive outcome. When the New Moon appears it is time to let go and let God have the reins once more, so you can become the observer, watching, waiting and feeling at peace because you are trusting once more in the flow of life through the universe.

In the energy cycle of the New Moon begin to write down all of the ideas, desires, wishes, creations, what ever you want onto paper and in the energy of the day/evening or within 24 hours of the New Moon you can do a ritual and burn the paper surrendering then letting go of these outcomes to something greater than the bodies limited mind. "Of myself I do nothing with you God anything is possible" now the term God is not religious as such, but is a representation in my life as the one source, the one moment, you can use whatever term you wish.

Once you have written down all of your ideas, desires, wishes and creations you can

click on the FREE MEDITATION below and follow the steps to Let go before you surrender your words to the Universe...

The Letting Go meditation has been created by Caroline Byrd "The Intuitive therapist" & Amanda Morrison "The Medium" www.amandamorrison.net Narrated by Caroline Byrd




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