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Who Inspires you?

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Who Inspired me.....

Caroline Blog

Who do you get your inspiration from?
We all at some time in our life look up to someone we admire or aspire to be.
We all do it differently; we all have our way of mimicking someone.

For me, I’m a chameleon; I change to suit my environment.
Over the years I have realised that this is my safety mechanism. If I cant beat them join them was a childhood defence. I would feel scared and alone so I began to watch and observe people. Looking at different ways to get love, approval and appreciation.


Through all of my childhood years I could shape shift into any situation. Actually I have memories of camouflaging myself in nature so I could hide and not be seen. 
I would often say to friends; I could sit and have a beer with a gang of bikies or sit with the Queen.

As children we begin life observing mannerisms and reactions from our parents. We believe who we are based on the attention or lack of it that our parents show us.
Then we begin to act this, good or bad, we really don’t know any different. We mould ourselves toward something we know, feel, hear and see.

Then we become adults ourselves and meet and interact with different people, and in different situations. Then we look at how to be different, move out of the shadows of our parents. 
Then some of you get married and have children of your own. 
Then you see the childhood patterns re-emerging, you may at times see yourself as your Mother or your Father.

I remember moments when my son was younger and I was being my Dad and not the nice qualities of my Dad but the ones I vowed to myself never to follow.
Well here I was being him....
Now I don’t blame my Father for any of this, as parents we all do what we know best based on our childhood.

Now here is where it gets easier....

You now desire change, you now yearn for something greater than you have become. You feel that there is something else for you to be, do or have.

So the searching begins. 
Who am I?
Am I enough?
What can I offer to the world
will I be heard?
So many questions begin to pull you back time and time again.

So much justifying to yourself and others why you dont need to be different. 
Why you don’t need to put yourself out in the world
Why your journey is internal and not for me to be seen.
Why you are comfortable and don’t really need too much money, attention, friends, colleagues oh and the perfect job with the loads of income streams.

Well yes I know all of these soooo well

Many years later as I have shaped my life observing my mentors, leaders and friendships. I see myself in everyone and I set goals and challenge myself to be a better person. To make decisions that raise me up and decisions that truly helps others.

I had to learn how to verbalize my thoughts, feelings and emotions in a positive way. In a way that would not be aggressive, hurtful or coming from a place of righteousness. 
So choose wisely your mentors, allies, and inspirational people, because this is who you want to be.

As you follow them listen to them take in information and energy from them, you too will become like them. Remember you will take something in from each and every person you admire and follow.

So who and what has inspired me to be all of who I am today;

Meditation; Breath of Life teachings
A course in miracles; Marianne Williamson, Michael Mirdad
Paramahansa Yogananda, Gangaji, Osho, Mahatma Ghandi
Ian White(Aust bush flower essence), Denise Linn, Rosemary Altea, Carlos Castaneda, M. Scott Peck, Caroline Myss, Gary Renard, David R. Hawkins, Eckhart Tolle

My Mentors; Reiki; Denise Crundall, Vera Matzer 
Meditation; Raavi Yadav 
Holistic Counselling; Brenda Sutherland 
Entrepreneurs; Linda Liv Doktar Ingrid Arna Kristie X Ord

These are only a few of the people I have admired and aspired to be over many years.
Finally I am me, and all of what I have felt, heard, seen and taken in has created the version of me that I am today.

I now love me for who I am....I am enough.....I am perfect just the way I am.

Hear me, feel me, and see me.....I am on fire......

Let’s see who we truly are xxx
Love & Blessings
Caroline Byrd



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