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When Spirit wants to communicate

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I want to begin this blog with much love and admiration for my Grandpa in spirit, Alexander Dove Adam. As a young girl I loved to spend time with him. Each time I went to visit I found myself drawn to the old records in the cupboard. My Grandpa would take out the record player and play the records. He loved to tell me about his hometown in Glasgow, I was intrigued and loved listening to the bagpipes. Growing up, the times between visits became longer. Yet these memories stayed with me. My connection to him changed the day he passed, as he came to me in my morning meditation. He shared with me that he was ready to go, and I knew in my heart it was his time. That morning I recieved the call to say he had died.

Since his passing he has shown me on numerous occasions that he is with me in spirit. So many messages and glimpses into life after death. My connection to him is still so strong that I have written a chapter about my experiences with him in my new book "Life Death and The Birth of Truth" soon to be released.

In my work as an Intuitive Therapist I help heal the emotional field within my clients. Those who know me well understand that my life as a psychic/medium has given me opportunity to offer emotional guidance through my training. My role is not to give readings to individuals, but to use my gifts for deepening the healing process. While doing this loved ones and ancestors may enter the healing field only if it is in alignment with where the client needs to go.

Last week as I sat with my client looking at family situations and talking about what it was like for her with her sisters. I felt a presence enter the room and heard the name Grandpa, I acknowledged internally and thought it was her Grandpa. Further into the session I felt the presence come closer and wanting to be heard. I shared with her that her Grandpa from her fathers side was here to support her. She loved the fact it was her Grandfather from her fathers side as she told me the deep connection she had with him. Then she shared with me the funny name her and her sisters use to call him when they were younger. She told me they would call him Gaga, but had no idea why. It was at this moment I knew without a doubt it was not just her Grandfather who had entered but my Grandpa. You see my sisters and myself grew up calling my Grandpa Gaga. We also had no idea why, and as we got older we changed it to Grandpa.

So here I was relating to my client and my own Grandpa entered, I knew he was also supporting me in my work. Many times over the last few months I have thought of him as I edited and read my new book. I find that spirit can and will let you know that they are present, sometimes we need to stop and drop into ourself to become clearer channels. There have been many experiences with my clients showing me parts of my life. Not just similar, but most times in the exact expression or individual moments.

I honor and thank all who have gone before me........I love my work and my life as I connect deeply into who I am. I thank my clients for allowing me to help them with my true gifts

Love & Blessings

Caroline Byrd




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Guest Monday, 05 December 2022

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