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To trust; this word trust has much character but unfortunately not everybody knows how to use this word in the meaning in which it was intended.

This word has depth; it goes so deep within the core of you, and many are afraid to use it in the way that it was meant to be used.

So what is this word anyway! This word of character; to trust is to let go!

To let go of all the past conditionings, which have made you unsure of trusting?  To trust is also to open up, to open up parts of yourself which you have not wanted to acknowledge to other people, and most importantly not wanting to acknowledge to yourself.

You see when you fully open and trust yourself and the people and the environment around you, you actually don't have any limitations on the outcome.

When you don't fully use this word, you are not letting go or opening up, which can cause your life and growth to be blocked. To have no thoughts or judgement on the outcome of the situation is to know that you are trusting.

To trust is also to flow; to flirt with your own energy naturally.

You see, to not trust; is to block the energy flow.

To use this word in its full stature is to release our energy wholly and lovingly to create a free-flowing life. Energy will flow naturally, unless there is something blocking its flow. So the outcome of this word is to go deeper within and trust yourself for whom you are, then you will find it will naturally flow to other people and situations within your life.
Blessings from Jonah 1998©


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events, divine guidance and insight.