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Transcending Duality

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For so long these words have been statements that move through the mind, yet the understanding has eluded me for many years. The mind knew what the meanings of these words are, yet the experience became a knowing.

As the years have passed the depth of experience grew and there have been moments of touching the tip of this transcending Duality. How hard it is to leave the mind behind, the mind has been all that I understood in this life of words. In every way imaginable trying to reach this point has been arduous, even trying to just be, and allow thoughts to rise up in the mind were not the depth needed.

The knowing became so clear that I must leave the mind to find this place, which has nothing to do with mind! To go beyond the mind as the observer was easy and felt right; In my quiet times the observer in me understood quite strongly that the mind was not who I am.

Many moments went by of just watching and being as the observer. This being became who I am, and then I realized that the thoughts were still created from a part of me. They were tainted with my every feeling even those that were not recognizable to me at the moment of watching.


It was as though I had been promoted from being the ant who works in the crowd to a crowd controller who just stands back and intervenes when needed.  So still I was in my thoughts and creating all of my happenings in this world.

So again another depth was needed, so I thought! How do I reach this point of self?  Every day I was finding that the mind was so focused on duality that it became un-recognizable to me.

As I became aware of how my mind pointed out opposites in everything and everyone I met and saw and conversed with, I was shocked at the level of mind control still!  Every day stuff, yes, no, and then witnessing depths of judgment!

At this point a great sadness filled my heart, still I have been trying to do “Transcending Duality” and in the process have got caught up in subtly judging my brothers and sisters for who they are.

To drop all thoughts of everything and anyone is this, the point, to reach? Asking myself this question a feeling moved through me, there is no point to get to.

All of the thoughts that arise in my mind are a bi-product of my unconscious. So to drop that which is already in form; for it is in my mind and mind is of form, is absurd. What will actually happen at this point is I will put them on the back burner and there they will sit until again the feelings arise and those thoughts come out to play. So what to do?

I am finding that this is beyond doing as I have said before, at this moment I can share what I am seeing and feeling.

So at this point in my life all the unconscious parts will have to make there way through my mind and out into the world of form.  So the flow will always continue it is not about stopping anything!

Then as my awareness opens and more of who I am moves through me, my unconscious is filled with the new bi-products and then they become what sits in my mind as thoughts, then these thoughts move and flow into the world. Eventually the thoughts that arise from who I am are just that! Who I am! There will be no judgment no duality, as though the mind has been purified and became lighter and lighter.

So for me right here, right now, it is clear that there is nothing to do, awakening is the process and it is up to me in every moment to what seeds I plant into my unconscious for them to grow and feed my mind!

Transcending duality, what a beautiful world of form we live in, nothing to do, nothing to grasp, nothing to clear. Only becoming aware of, as an individual, your part in the making of what you see in the world.

As you try to become aware your mind has to take control. Totality is only from mind, become gentler with yourself always, as though you are learning at every moment and knowledge does not have to be stored in your mind.

This is the block to awareness, as the mind tries to store information it becomes over loaded and there is no room for movement to flow through your mind. These times you will feel as heavy and stuck, maybe even lethargic. Knowledge as you have heard before can be a dangerous thing! It can be used against others in a detrimental way and at these moments you are playing out duality in its depth! So drop all knowledge and recreate yourself at every moment.

Then you will become aware of all living creatures as who you are; all plant life and elements are parts of who you are.

Transcending duality is to realize that nothing outside of you is separate, to feel close to all creatures’ trees, plants, wind, fire, water and earth. Once you get it! You will have no need to try to do anything again.

Moving beyond what the mind would tell you is real; you become less of a person in the world, yet not in energy. You become stronger as an energy connection to who you are.

Then all you see in the world is who you are, no other projections from a split mind, not seeing others as separate and not judging anything in this world of form!

Truly transcending is reaching beyond the world you see, reaching into the very heart of God, the very essence that you are connected to. Then as you look upon this world fear disappears, love blossoms from every touch, every look upon the face of your brother.  Deeper the essence takes you and lifts you beyond thought, so just allow the bi products to gently move past, and slowly, mind will be replaced with your truth, and that is who you are!

Caroline Byrd2008 ©


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