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The Quickening

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We are approaching the end of 2017, and already I am seeing the spiritual Quickening happening. The Quickening as I call it occurs at the end of each year. As a Soul in a physical body we have set goals and experiences that will move us into each stage and phase of life.

Now, if you have not fully dealt with the experiences, emotions and/or situations that your Soul wanted to have this year, then it may feel like you are struggling to reach a place in your life that you instinctively know you must be at by a certain time. Similar to the baby turtle who just knows that it must reach the water to survive.

It may appear in your life as moments you thought were dealt with, come back to face you. These moments need to be healed at a deeper cellular level. Sometimes it might be as simple as acknowledging the situation or person. Or to look at your feelings that are still being triggered and how you are reacting to life and people.

The Quickening is asking you to look deeper, to let go of the old worn out patterns you still may be holding onto. Each year is a different vibrational experience depending on the numerology. 2018 is the power number 11. See Sarah Yips site for more on the vibration of 11. Click here; 11.11 Universally we are all being asked to raise our consciousness by healing, letting go and changing old patterns.

The universe is beginning its own transition into 2018 by revving up the energy. The higher we vibrate the more old particles cant stay/stick to the new energy. So hold on and look differently at the experiences you may be having. This timeline every year has the potential to make a quantum leap in your own DNA structure.

If you are revving up with the energy then acknowledge and ask yourself "have I dealt with all my blocks for this year" Am I still annoyed or angry at certain situations. If you dont look at these moments now then they will follow you into 2018. This is when I see clients who say to me "I thought this would be a better year" Well it can be.....the choice is yours.

Right now as the Quickening is happening bring up the residue and old stuff, it doesnt stay hidden for long. Especially once you begin your own transition into 2018, the higher vibration ruffles your feathers and makes it uncomfortable. Growth is through change, change is through healing.

Dont be an ostrich and bury your head in the sand, look up and out, enter the vast ocean of consciousness to free yourself.

If you would like to book in and clear past residue to have a smooth transitional period into 2018

Contact me by mobile 0417 839 208 or through my website click here to book your appointment.

Love & Blessings

Caroline Byrd




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