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The Hiccups of Mercury Retrograde

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Oh the joys.....

Here we are in another Mercury Retrograde, and once again I am aware of the energy that changes around me and within me. Over the years I have watched closely, how this astrological event can shift how we communicate with each other and how the energy can at times present itself in unusual ways. 

When Mercury Retrograde is in full swing sometimes it feels like I have stepped into a time warp, where nothing feels the same. It feels foreign, difficult and at times as though everyone around me has changed in some way or lost the plot. Then other times it feels great and what I see others experiencing is so opposite to my life. Here is my encounter so far in the August retrograde.

The August 2017 Mercury Retrograde began on 12th August and already has been showing up in my life. Many of you may know I am in the last stages of publishing my 1st book "Life Death and The Birth of Truth" I have been waiting for 3 weeks to recieve my first printed copy of the book to give the final go ahead to the printers. My publishing company is in America and I was aware it may be a few weeks until I have it in my hands. I have been very excited and at times overwhelmed with the process. 

About a week ago I felt and heard your book has been delivered. I went to my front door thinking maybe I didnt hear them, and they left it on the porch. I opened my door and searched my porch but no parcel. I thought maybe I was feeling this because it was getting close. Over the next few days I checked my mail and my porch often, but no parcel. I began to feel a surge of anticipation and uncomfortable thoughts about the delivery. I contacted my publisher who gave me a tracking number to see where the book was. I felt a sense of ease enter my body until I looked at the tracker. It said POD which means "proof of delivery" My book had been delivered a week earlier, probably when I heard and felt, your book has been delivered. Oh and NO it was delivered to me, my home or in my yard.

I contacted the company and the signature was not mine on the delivery slip, in fact it wasnt even a signature just a squiggle on the paper. Now there is an investigation going ahead to contact the driver to find out where he delivered my parcel to. When I first heard this I was so stressed, I couldnt understand how this could happen. Until I realised it is Mercury Retrograde and this is the sort of hiccup that occurs in a Mercury Retrograde. I had to stop, and try to relax and not blame anyone, even though I wanted to.

I meditated, surrendered all my thoughts and energy about this situation and now I am smiling, YES smiling. I thought to myself well whoever has my book obviously needed it more than me. My book is about my experience with Spirit and those who have crossed over. It is full of moments that define the rational logic mind and shares deep healing experiences. I know in my heart that my book is full of healing experiences and it can help those who maybe going through their own grief due to loss.

Mercury Retrograde has shown me how we can either get caught up in the experience outside of ourselves or look deeper into the experience within ourselves. Most if not all experiences in life are here for a different outcome than what we believe. The RE in Retrograde is to REthink, RElook, REdo, REcharge, REorganise. Inner work through meditation can help the mind in a Mercury Retrograde.

Enjoy the rest of this cycle, become aware of the planets and how they can affect you. When you are aware you can take responsibility instead of judging and blaming.

Love & Blessings

Caroline Byrd



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