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The Art of Transformation

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I have had a few discussions recently with clients, friends and Light workers regarding how to transform energies. I will begin by sharing the transference process.

As we are all energy beings in a physical body, it is difficult for some to recognise the moment that energy has entered the body. When I say entered it does not mean sinister or seperate. It means that you have taken energy into the physical bodies energy system for transformation. As a Light worker, Healer or any form of Therapist the transference of energy happens daily. You may or may not be aware of this. You have placed a calling out to the universe to help in the healing of humanity and the universal energy pool.

Naturally we are receiving energy daily. You receive energy from atmosphere, as you breathe, walk and connect to people. The body is built for this transference of energy. It takes in energy and places out energies. When you are working or helping in the healing field, you can take on more energy than the body is accustomed to. As the energy becomes stronger in the individual the sensations are more prominent. Some light workers need to be more vigilent in how and when they begin to collect energies through transference. You may feel the body getting tight, or you may feel tired or run down after your work. If your body is transforming the energies quickly you may not have these experiences. The more you become aware of the transference, which is when energy has entered the body. The easier the next stage of transformation occurs. Remember that energy transference is not different, difficult, scary, or even only limited to some. No, this is the human bodies ultimate purpose.

If you have been wondering why you feel energetically flat, full, blocked or even heightened, then you may want to continue reading.

Those of you who are having these sensations are busy little bees. You may be aware of the interaction happening at a subtle core level. The longer you are in the field of energy work the more sensitive your system becomes. Why? because your bodies sensory perception is working at a higher vibration than those who are living in a field of conscious existence. Once the sensory perception becomes heightened you have been given an upgrade of the bodies sensory perception. This upgrade is very common, as you begin to fine tune yourself to energy that is beyond the rational mind.

Now you understand the transference of energy, we can look at the transformation process. Life is a process of new beginnings and endings. Everything is created from one moment, one seed or one idea. Once the initial moment begins, energy can transform the moment, seed or idea bringing a different substance to the new creation. Growth and change become apparant as transformation takes place. There are many ways that energy transforms itself in the world. It can be seen in healing of the mind. When life in the world appears negative, hard, disapointing etc and the individual changes the thought process by clearing beliefs. The individual notices the world changes. This is a form of transformation. Another way is to lighten the feelings in the physical body by energetically moving them. This is done by internal visualisations through meditation.

To clear energy through tansformation is a process, depending upon the depth of sensation and how long it has been felt. Light workers can do daily rituals to help the transformation process. If you are one who works daily with people, remember to ask for guidance in what ever is best for the highest self of you and the individual. Frequently cleanse the space you work in. There are many ways to clear a space, I use Reiki symbols, and also spiral energy. To use energy to clear a space is simple, quick and very effective. Sit in your healing space or whatever room you wish to cleanse. Imagine a white spinning energy like a mini tornado in the centre of the room. The image is from the floor to the ceiling. Now begin to spin the energy faster and watch it travel along each wall in the room. As the energy is moving you will know that all energies that are not meant to be in this space are being vacumed into the spiral. Like a tornado all particles are magnetising to the energy. Once the energy has travelled along all walls bring it back to the centre of the room. Now you begin to see all particles that are not in alignment with who you are being carried high up and out through the roof into the universal healing energy.

You can use this spiral spinning energy to cleanse your physical body. Imagine the energy engulfing you as you see yourself sitting in the middle of the spiral. Begin in your minds eye to spin the energy around your body. allow all particles that are not in alignment with your highest self to be lifted from your Aura. Do this until you begin to feel an shudder in your energy field, or goosebumps. Then you will know the cleanse is happening. I want to remind you that what you send out into the universe has been transformed through your body. The body is the transformer. You cannot harm the environment or the universe by sending energies into atmosphere. It is about cycling energies not blocking or holding them.

There may be times in your life when you are not aware of blocked energies or sensations that are not yours. Dont stress but trust, that the bodies natural transformation process will transform energy. I am only giving you ideas to use if you are a busy lightworker and you sometimes need a bit of help to clear and transform as the sensory perception becomes overloaded. Enjoy your work knowing that we all may need different tools and techniques to align, clear and unblock energies. I hope this blog has helped some to understand the the transformation process

Love & Blessings

Caroline Byrd








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