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Taking my mother home

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Wow where do I begin? In the process of editing my book "Life Death & the Birth of Truth" many memories and emotions have been touched. The pages of this book fill my heart with deep feelings, as gratitude and love are written on these pages.

Let me share with you my synchronistic week of Spirit connection with my mother, and the perfection of connection.

Each day I have read a chapter methodically checking for any editing. Every chapter holds a time in my life that was deeply felt in my heart. So much sorrow yet so much growth and change. I was not able to power on and rush through this process. I would read as much as I could before I would feel the need to put it down and wait until my feelings internally settled.

It has been about 3 days since I have wanted to pick the book up and edit. It sits on my kitchen table open to the beginning of Chapter 10. As I read and reminisce I also have had the need to meditate more and calm my mind. In meditation I noticed movement at the top of my head and to the side of my head. This movement was felt in my hair as though someone was stroking my head. I wasnt scared or worried, I would smile as I recognise this movement as my Mum in Spirit.

A few times a week I go for an early morning walk with a dear friend. We call these moments our walkie talkie days. Where we chat about our life, whats happening and our deeper spiritual moments. Two days ago while walking our conversation went from my friends fathers deceased estate to my experience with my mother and the final sorting of her belongings.

I began to recall the events, as though they were only yesterday. I was feeling very open as memories came to my awareness. I was talking about my mothers life as each sentence triggered another story which led into another point in time. Before I knew, we had nearly finished our walk. It was then I turned to my friend and realised what I had done and asked her what the date was. It was 5/7/17. I then realised it was only 2 days until the anniversary of my mothers passing.

Suddenly I was shown the synchronistic events of my Mum being close to me. The thoughts of her, the feelings as she stroked my hair, the conversations about her. But the one that really hit home, was my book open to chapter 10 sitting on my kitchen table waiting for me to continue editing. 

Chapter 10 is called Taking my mother home. 7 years ago today 7/7/10 my mothers journey in her body ended, and today I will be finalising this chapter. This was the greatest experience of my life being present with her through the crossing over process. What a perfect way to honor my mothers life by sharing chapter 10. (the book will be out soon) Sitting here now with a smile on my face knowing my mother is so close, I sense her presence. If I was to close my eyes and drop inside I see her smiling as she comes so close.

Love & Blessings




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Guest Monday, 05 December 2022

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