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Surrendering to the love of God

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To let go of control and live, to totally allow the will of God to move through your life, this can feel so terrifying; it's terrifying because you have no control. The meaning there is nothing to do really hits home.

I have sat today just surrendering and being in my life, and by the afternoon an anxious feeling came over me, the feeling that I have to do something; I'm bored, there's nothing to do.

These thoughts made me very agitated, then I realised that I spend most of my days at home doing what I have done today. So what is different about today, the only difference was I surrendered to control.

The need to do something was at that point only because, I was used to saying that when things happened I was being in control; but now I was totally being in the moment, allowing God to guide my life. It was like I was on a magic carpet ride just hovering a couple of feet around my house, but not having to steer or take control of anything in particular. Everything that needed to be done was done, with ease.

Then I thought that's it; there was no struggle or thoughts for me to occupy my mind with. There was no thought of anything, I was just floating through the day and everything was fine. That was when I realised God was in control and there was nothing else for me to do. When it is time to make dinner, I will just get up and make dinner.  Not even having it occupying my thoughts, and stressing over what to have or do.

That was the feeling of anxiety, because I was so used to being in control and my head was so use to organising and thinking.

Thank you God; for showing me how easy life is when you are in control.
The feeling of time expanding and there is nothing in your mind, there was no concept of time.
Blessings from Jonah, January 2000©


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