What is going on in my mind and my body?

Welcome back, there have been many distractions, where you have believed you were on track and where life is taking you. But were you connected to me first when you were doing your life, were you joined to your inner connection, and you’re inner resource first. No, you were looking outside of yourself for your gratification and following a path of self sabotage and destruction. The paths you have been on have hit many roadblocks, many distractions and oh yes too much doing and not enough being.

It’s fun at first trying new things, but the pathways are only for learning and experiencing; they are not outcomes and final destinations. You believe that the paths you walk now are to lead you to your destiny. Yes they are a big part of the process, but they are not meant to be there forever, once experienced they begin to fade, it is only when you try to keep them going over and over again and again for the sake of a feeling, a boost of energy and an ego identification, that you keep trying to do them.

When this occurs you begin to hit the road blocks, instead of you ending that experience and finding a fresh and new path to travel on, out of your fear your guilt your unworthiness and your doubts you try to continue and recreate from the old energy. It is within these struggles that the mind and the body begin to deplete through repetitious struggles. Once the mind becomes fixated on the old pattern it also begins a process of disconnection and disassociation with the truth of who you are which your soul energy is.

You then find it difficult to make any time to connect within yourself and to me first, your rituals fall away your connections to the unseen weaken and you prefer to try and do it alone, caught up in your illusory reality wondering why things are becoming difficult. The body is getting tired and sick and the mind, well, it is producing many stories and pictures that you become the lead actor in. Gratification outside of you will never satisfy the needs of the soul, only interconnection can satisfy the will of the soul.

Right now I will ask you to die, yes to die to what you know. Drop everything and come back to me, come back to the one constant energy that no matter what, can and will sustain you-why? Because it is who you truly are; everything else becomes a distraction to keep you away from who you truly are. Know that this is the journey, to recognise and become aware of the distractions. If you can learn that everything will and shall pass, that nothing in this reality of form shall live or stay or be here forever, then you have grasped the ultimate lesson of existence, the lesson of surrender and letting go.

Allow things, ideas, jobs, relationships, situations, everything in your reality let it end. Let a cycle in life end naturally, instead of you trying to repeat or extend its time or sometimes it appears as though you are trying to squeeze every little drop out of the experience. Everything including your own existence ends allow the process, and be willing to start again or find another way or try something new. Your reasons for holding on to what you want or know or are comfortable in, have a base of fear, fear of the unknown, fear of change and fear of failure. These are your lessons that are attached to this embodiment your souls strand remembered this.

Today is an energy heightened for letting go, use the full moon and its energy to end this war within you. The full moon is asking for surrender for letting go and ultimately to release the fullness of thoughts, ideas, experiences, beliefs and emotions so that you can finally end this cycle and be open, empty and willing to fill yourself with something brand-new something that has never been experienced before.

Can you empty yourself enough to be vulnerable; to be vulnerable to whatever may come whatever is needed in your existence right now. Truly, to say to me, to yourself and the higher universal energies-of myself I do nothing-with you anything is possible. And ultimately to know-that you know nothing-say to the full moon today-I surrender all to you, because I have no idea how my life, my business and my future will look. Be willing to go deep today to surrender everything to sit empty with no ideas without thought and to be present with what is in this moment with no future ideas and no past reactions.

Now step into your day free, relaxed, and open and enjoy the freedom this moment brings.

Blessings Jonah

16/10/2016 © Caroline Byrd