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Social structures

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Social structures; these are actually a form of limitation which we put on ourselves and on everybody else.

In other words it is actually certain sayings by which we describe people and ourselves; such as we are richer or poorer, or better or worse off.

These are very limiting concepts; because of these social structures, we seem to think that to be rich is to be materially rich, or to be poor is of the material or outer poorness.

What about the richness inside of ourselves? Often we think within ourselves; that to be rich within, means we cannot be rich outside of ourselves, another limiting reaction to society.

An example of this is how a great many people who are on a spiritual path, has a limited deception that to be rich and happy within, we don't need to have the riches in life on the outer. Many actually believe that we shouldn't need anything on the outer, but you see when we are rich within there is nothing to say that we cannot be rich without.

If we are totally happy and full inside ourselves we should automatically allow ourselves the same richness and fullness outside. We are all being brought with the same conditioning that happiness comes from within not from without. Unfortunately we have not understood this concept wholly.

The reality is yes, happiness does come from within, however, it should not stop there.  From this happiness within we should also gain in our lives on the outer for there is absolutely nothing wrong with creating that same happiness in your physical life.  If this means that you have a beautiful home, or a nice car, or even a loss of financial pain, know that this is a reflection from the richness within yourself, except it and except that you do deserve these riches in life.

If we only have one source of our richness in life, then we are not whole, we do not flow with the happiness which wholeness brings. To drop the social structures which we put upon ourselves, we need to acknowledge and accept ourselves, and then we deserve these riches. Then finally these social structures of limitations shall be broken.
Blessings from Jonah1998©


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