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Projecting my pain

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Pain; I would like clarity on the pain when my partner brushed me off today

The pain is not separate from your own inner torment; you cannot feel brushed off unless you yourself are brushing off someone, everything is a reflection always of yourself.  Ask yourself; Where are you still doing this to the self?  Where do you not want/need to talk to yourself?  Where are you hurting yourself again and again?

You have put up the blocks and the walls, you are in a war torn state with yourself; you have not yet seen that you are in the beginning stages of life and nothing has begun.  You now have choices of freedom and choices of doing or not doing, you're pain is of you not wanting to talk to yourself, make choices for yourself, and of not wanting to feel good about yourself.

Never have you begun from such a clear slate, this seems hard for you to grasp, that at this moment there is only you, only you to consider.  Life will feel scary, for you are so often making choices based around another.  Yet know you are whole and nothing else exists outside of you. So what do you want to express to you?  Know that there will be no pain if you choose for you first.

I feel I want to ring my partner and talk to him but feel I have hurt him and am confused about how I have hurt him?

No confusion, again you brushed him off when you only wanted to be with him when you were lonely.  Did he need you or did you need yourself?  Don't get caught up in the story.  You have felt to end this push and pull, you feel into your fears well.  Don't fear life with yourself, this is when you will come to me on a regular basis.  Your answers and clarity have always come from these times; this is when you become more in tune with the natural concepts that are within you, within your being.

You feel more at peace each time you don't brush off this part of you.  Spend more and more time with pen and paper, clarity is your divine birthright.  Don't deny the true gifts and treasures that are waiting to align with purpose into the arena of physicality.

Drop your worm's eye view and look at the broader picture; the great picture that is yours to create through the channels of the ancient ones.  The channels that lay dormant within your system, the channels that allow you to connect back to the source of all communication. 

Let go of that which holds you back, the pain is always short lived, allow yourself to finally reign as a true king should. To reign and shine for all; to be part of the wonderful gatherings that shall allow you to be in your element. To allow you to finally find yourself, to finally come home to the knowing that all you need is the self and the divine communion with me.

This is always the moment of centring, of clearing, of being like minded, love these moments and come home to me. Come home to the part of me that lies within you, waiting for you to join with me.

Feel the centering this brings, as we join together in Holy Communion.
Blessing from Jonah 24/4/2004©


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