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Power and Illusion

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Step into your own power by asking for what you want, not just to your guidance but to the unseen, the unseen in your world life.

If you wish for more then ask; this begins as small steps, these steps will lead you directly into your purpose, and yes purpose is also destiny. Strive for the highest point, the highest goal, if all you ask for is of the one source then go directly to the source.

Just because you believe in this world does not mean that it is to your highest good. What is for your highest good is to reach into the highest point of your mind for there is where you exist as a spark of energy and light. When you do this you will begin to bypass the worldly creations and connect back to you. The source of creation where you are headed has nothing to do with anyone else; the people around you may be the effect of what your mind put out as cause.

Take the steps and step into that locality of yourself; inevitably you will see that it was the self that opened up, not because of anyone or anything outside of you.  Each step you take will ultimately take you closer to yourself to the depth of wholeness. It may seem the opposite to the spiritual mind, but you can only reach yourself as you step into the world.  Each step that you take from this point forward, is now undoing the minds constraint.  Each moment now is a hurdle over and back to your freedom.

This may not make sense to you, it doesn't have to.  Just keep stepping more and more out there and you will see that in truth you are finally bridging the gap. To not step into the world out of fear, anxiety and worry is only separating you more from yourself.

This is so because each hurdle, each fear, each step is pushing you further and further into the world and in doing so is actually clearing each fear block and so ultimately taking you closer to bridging the gap.  You only fear the doing in the world because you believe it is not real so why bother?

That is true, but it is the only way home; to step back into the steps that we have so often turned our backs on. Step back through the illusion instead of stepping further away.
Your home lies beyond the illusion; you can't go around it, ignore it, you must step into it to dissipate the fear that created it.

Then you begin to weave through the illusion and eventually all fears will go and then you come home to yourself and you know the truth.
Blessings from Jonah 20 January 2008©


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