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Movement within the one mind

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There are many different ways that each one of us is being asked to choose again; in other words to wake up, to see you again; that which you are and that is love.

When an immersion arises in your online you should be aware that this is one of those moments to choose again.  At these times the most difficult thing for you to recognise is that we are all one.  It is in these precise movements that people or situations in your life are pushing the buttons that are making you react and also it is at these moments that what you are seeing is another solution that you have stepped into and out of.

When this happens to you know that it is another attempt of the ego to hold onto the part of you that wishes to control.

When you are at peace and relaxed with your life you must always be aware that at every moment you will be asked to choose again.  To see the choices about which they really are, this is the challenge.

At times when you are separated from the love, it is hard for you to see with love.  You must know that at every moment no matter what the issue is about that you are only being asked to choose the love. 

The depth that this is leading you to; whether it is the one mind, that self, who you really are, everything resorts back to love, everything.

The stories are what you choose to see so all you are being asked is to stop choosing the stories and to choose love instead.  When you understand this choice, you will then be able to understand the meaning behind there is nothing to do.

In other words be aware; which is love and there will be nothing you have to do.  Again many of you will feel, how boring; how can I just do nothing.  No drummers to react on only peace.

To let go and move deeper is very scary for everyone; to let go of that that you have been and of the life you have created.  For this is precisely what you all have been doing, creating your life.  A life of dramas; so we say again, choose love and start to create love in your life. 

Everything that you have created up until now has seemed so real; but is love not too real?

Have you not felt the depth of love in your life before; imagined feeling that love all the time? 

Most of you feel how can this be possible; to feel that kind of love all the time.  You can make it hard for yourself because you cannot let go of your reality and be just love.  Everything and everybody in your life; you created.  So choose to be the love instead and create love.  Choose love in your home; in your workplace; in everything you do.

Eventually that which you choose to be will reflect everywhere you are.  You will be creating your own reality and eventually you will be able to see that reality manifests in your life.

When this starts happening you will know the love that you are will be reflected to you by your friends; your family and your associates.  Also know that if there is a situation in your life when you are not choosing love; then you will be shown this by the reactions of people around. 

So at every moment choose again; and know that you are the love; not sometimes but all of the time and in all ways.  You create your dramas by feeling that there is something for you to do.  Then when you try to do, you are stepping out of the self and into the illusion of life.

Allow life to flow to you without any effort or straining.  When you are not being the love you will know; for this is when a life does not flow to you.  If you have a desire in life by all means follow it; but follow it with love of the self.

Every thought you have will eventually come back to you in one form or another. So to have love in your thoughts you are allowing love to flow to you.  When some issue in your life is a struggle know that you are being asked to choose again.

Letting go is a major part of being the love that you are; most of the time you are not loving the self for where you are and trusting that you do not need to control life.  To love freely too many is to jump off the edge of the cliff without a safety harness; how scary. 

If you will only trust that there will always be someone at the bottom to help you and to pick you up when you fall; for when you trust in this way, you will then see the love being created in your life. 

You all have many wonderful and beautiful friends around you; and they are always there to help you just as you are always there to help them.  Love creates a flow of life; which then in turn brings forth the wonders of life; love, trust and wholeness.

This is the start of your life; being the love that is you.  You can never be alone when you choose to be the love that you are; for this then creates the movement in one mind.

To feel the bond of wholeness; you will find that you will be there for each other without having any expectations or thoughts on why you are being there.  This is the love that you are reflecting out.  From here you will know that we are all one.

So create from this place of love and be the one mind; you will create the new reality; the reality of love.
Blessings from Jonah 2000©


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