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Let's Go Fishing

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Have you ever noticed when the mind is still and life is calm that you begin to search for a problem, an issue, or even a distraction. This is what I call fishing......

The mind searches externally for movement for a reference point to attach to. This can look like being involved, caring, helping, advising and the list goes on. The moment your mind distracts you away from the internal state of peace and shows you an external story, you have automatically connected and sent energy out into the energy pool of the universe and connected. Now you wait, you listen, you observe, you feel the tug, the movement at the end of the line.

This is your key to begin the process of involvement, of hooking onto and into the story. The bait was set by the mind, the line was thrown out by you, and now you feel the tug as some distraction at the end of the line, wants you to reel in the line and see what is at the end. Depending upon how big the story is, will depend upon how easy it is to get involved, the bigger the catch the greater the story.


Remember that all stories, issues, problems, FISH, are happily swimming around in their own environment, you decided to throw in a line and see which one takes the bait. Then you reel it into your reality, you choose to bring it into your awareness your reality. You create your reality.....this is true, it is your mind that distracts you and throws you the bait, you then begin the process of searching, looking for a position where there is movement, distraction, then you engage, you wait until the energy is connected and you pull to you the story the issue, the creation, until it is reeled into your environment and becomes a part of your day, your thoughts your life.

When we choose to interact externally we connect to energy which begins the process of reeling in the particles of form/matter until they are perceived as tangible, real and in front of you. Unfortunately a person by passes the sequence leading up to creation, they only see the end result which is something appearing real in their world.

When you learn to question the mind, to still the mind, then you don’t engage in the mind and the stories. You begin to cease fishing for issues, problems, conflicts. The outcome is that only particles that matter come into reality not particles that don’t matter.....Ah yes, Mind Over Matter......It is your mind that creates all Matter in your world.......

Caroline Byrd 2014 ©


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