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Labyrinth of the mind

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The mind is like a labyrinth, it is structured to hold you within itself. There are many pathways that have been created inside your mind, that keep you within the percieved safety of the labyrinth. The mind can only send you in a direction that is familiar, unless you choose again. 


Recently when I was deep in meditation I saw how my own mind can restrict me and keep me confined. The pathways were somehow linking me back into old patterns, thoughts and fears. Guidance became clear as I heard "Freedom is when you move back into life without the constraints of the mind"

As I dropped deeper and asked for more information I felt a doorway open as I connected with my own inner guidance, "when you are caught in the labyrinth you recycle past events over and over again, never really changing the outcomes. You feel lost in the many decisions and choices that keep you caught in the mind. The way out is through meditation as it raises you above the dense repetitive energy of the mind" 

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At this moment in the meditation I was asked to guide myself out. I began to see myself above the labyrinth looking down. It was at this point I saw the doorway that will lead me back into the clarity of life. Guidance spoke clearly "Guide yourself out of the labyrinth, which is full of sharp corners, deadends, and confinement. Once you free yourself from the labyrinth, cause and effect collapse in on themselves like dominos"

At this point I began to guide myself out of the labyrinth toward the doorway and the light. As I took the final steps through the doorway I looked behind and saw the labyrinth collapsing in on itself. It was then I heard "When you look back toward the structure that once held you captive it will now appear flat. There are no more hurdles to manouveur around. The domino effect has taken place and cause no longer creates effect. No more structured blocks, confusion or fears. All that is left are stepping stones within each moment. You are free to live the life you desire"

After my meditation I am clear and willing to continue my deep practice. If you ask me how to change, clear your mind or heal, I will always recommend meditation first. 




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Guest Tuesday, 21 March 2023

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