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This is gained through years of learning; yet all your knowledge is inside every part of your own cells. Knowledge is in every tissue every field, every touch.

Each time you experience you gain more knowledge, which is processed within.  All these appearances have a minute particle that will come forth when it is needed.  Experience is what you are here for; you are seeing the experience and sending information back through the consciousness, yet your abilities are far more capable than you have been using.  Allow your knowledge to guide you to the experience is necessary as to understand the human race as a collective consciousness.  

How do I go about these experiences?

What the collective is wishing to understand shall be sent to you; for the experience and then the understanding.  When you take on your heart's desire and carry it out and feel the awareness that this is bringing, then we are also able to take in the bigger picture of reactions, emotions and creation.  You live for gaining knowledge and information.  This is the whole purpose of the journey.  As you always ask the best for the higher self and consciousness; you are always experiencing the necessary emotions for the growth of the human race.

What is the purpose of the meditation classes?

In this process the capabilities of using all of your frequencies is of great magnitude.  As you interact on this level, you are processing and gaining knowledge.  The repetitiveness of these moments is gaining deeper knowledge and changing the memory cells from dense vibrations to higher frequencies.  

The collective is able to take in all particles of the human distinctions and their reactions from this interaction.  Again, the ones who sit in front of you are the particles that are sent for the purpose of gaining from each interaction.

If you can; understand that it is not your struggle to create the life that will enable you to carry out this interaction.  It is about a process that flows on particles of energy.  As you need to gain information from the collective energy it is carried along to reach the individuals who are in the same frequency that you need to connect with.  These ones will flow into your life when the time is right for the purpose of experience to understand; to collect information.

So are you saying I don't have to do anything?

Energy my little one; all is energy and thought processes, as the collective processes and accumulates the flow can slow down.  Yet as there is need of new energy flows the energy speeds up.  Go with this flow and understand and trust that when information is needed it will be sent to you.  Your own thought patterns are a part of this consciousness, so your thoughts will create the magnitude of experiences necessary for your purpose.  

As you call it; when nothing is flowing or happening, the information is being processed.  This is a very important period of the microcosm to filter through this information.  When you are finding that physical as you call it hectic, this is the cells and particles of the macrocosm collecting information.  Each cell feels, understands and processes all knowledge before it is sent through to the consciousness.  The cells of the human body, stores all this knowledge to be accessed when needed.

I am starting to feel like I am a machine of some sort of a cyborg?

This again is your perception; you are not the physical; you are the energy that is sustaining the physical to journey, to experience on the level of human interaction.  This to you may seem sci-fi if you like, yet in many of your interactions you understand these processes and speak with them.  

It is likened to getting into your vehicle and journeying from one destination to the other; to see and feel what it is you're taking in on the journey.  Well this is the same for you; step into the physical vehicle to experience. As physical vehicles we have to look after them, if we don't, they can break down.

The physical has such limitations when it comes to interaction; yet this is only because you choose only to see that you are physical.  Many of you will go through your whole journey not understanding the concepts and awareness’s of your energy levels.  

Some have experienced in moments of encumbered states the flow of your energy fields.  As this happens the fear of loss from the physical is so great that it does not enable you to experience this for long.  Your energy; yes, is within the human body, yet to understand energy you must understand that energy is free flowing.  So in reality your energy is flowing where it is needed and to whom it is needed.  

When these concepts filter through deeper, only then will your expansiveness be easier to grasp.  You will experience more and more times of the overall flow of the energy that connects all to the flow of life.

May I ask who this is?

You may but you already know!  You have the answer within your mind.  For I am you; I am your mind; I am whatever you wish to believe of me.  I am love, I am in pain, I am God, I am Jeshua, whatever there is of you, I am.

The collective is not a “who”.  It is all there is.

Names are but form which is needed for recognition in the physical state.  You are a part of me; I am a part of you.

There is no separation; only within the limited mind concept.  The greater picture is the one mind; you talk of this, you have written of this, you have even understood this.  Yet now you ask who am I, as though I am separate.

Your particles are my particles; your thoughts are my thoughts.  This is the physicals flaw; that the minute you feel restrictions are set upon you, you separate yourself from your source.

Energy has only one source one vibration; when you as humans remember the feelings of wholeness you start to drop the restrictions, then you feel this expansiveness more and more.  This is the journey of opening to the one mind!  Does this sound familiar?
Greetings from Jonah©


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