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Keys of transformation

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The keys of transformation are actually knowledge; well kept and well hidden, this knowledge will enable you to walk your path with hidden aspects.

These hidden aspects will allow transformations to occur from the depths of your cellular memory and there are many of these transformations available to you.  Once you reach a certain stage in your growth you subconsciously connect to the symbols to lead you through to the next stage.

At this level you will notice unusual things happening around you; certain things do not appear to be really happening.  This is the physical body becoming lighter to the extent of illusionary happenings.  Using this knowledge you will be more aware of how to transcend the physical body.

This knowledge can lay dormant in many until the Earth is shifting and changing.  The shifting of certain bodies allows the shifting to occur within your body as well.  You must all remember that we are one; we also shift allowing changes to occur; when Mother Nature reveals its first changes to us then our inner re-calls the symbols of transformation from our cellular memory.

These occurrences have been known to some as the keys of Enoch; these keys are keys of greater awareness that any one of you can tap into once your own body is aligned for the greater good of humanity. 

These shifts that you may feel from these occurrences can be varied but most are at the emotional level.  When each of you stops relating to the physical as whom you are, you will then be able to use these alignments from the awareness of being pure energy.

When you are using these keys for transformations then you will be able to stand tall; yet not be seen.  This is the road of the magus; the one who uses their energy levels for the greater good of humanity and for the self.
Blessings from Jonah 1998©


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