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Inner Peace

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Is there really any such thing as inner peace?

Well who knows, and like many, I have personally tried to search for inner peace. Where to begin? Where to look? What is inner peace?

If I really stopped long enough I would find my inner peace and guess what?  It has nothing to do with searching in the world. Inner peace has been experienced in meditation, sitting high on a beautiful mountain overlooking the mist and eagles gliding high!  This inner peace felt real, yet it was still found while trying to do something in the world to experience inner peace. 

Closing myself off in my room would also reveal my inner peace, how to keep inner peace flowing for long periods would be my challenge! My life has been without a lot of distractions as in children and lots of household duties over the past 8 years, so for me to reach my peace was easy. There was no-one around while I was at home to distract me! Yet as I ventured into relationships and work, my inner peace would be distracted and even shattered at times. So at these moments I would pray to be by myself again to feel my peace, yes relief would be felt as I dropped back into my peace by myself!

Yet relief was momentary, for eventually I would have to venture into the world again and come face to face with life itself! Then one day as I was sitting in silence and peace after a deep meditation, watching the mist roll gently over the hills and the Eagles soaring high above on the up draughts, I heard my guidance so clearly.
Do you believe you have found your peace as you sit here looking outside at the beauty?  For what you are feeling is a reflection of what you are seeing with your eyes! This is not true peace, and it is time for you to venture back to the city and interact again with the depth of life. And if you can still feel this peace as you are living in the world with all of its distractions, then this is true peace.

How true this statement is, yet it took me a few more years to realize the depth of its meaning.

As I returned to the city my life became full of metaphysical relationships. This for me meant an array of friendships and outings with like-minded people!  The hub and social scene was exhilarating and my life was very fulfilling. I began group work and workshops, then slowly the very thing I wanted to find “True Peace” again eluded me.  Business crept into its place. The pattern began to emerge as peace could only be truly felt deeply in solitude and meditation!

At this point on the journey a peace that was felt deep within, even through annoyances and irritations in my days the peace was still present. These annoyances and irritations began to lessen in their intensity, yet still true peace was fleeting!

Everywhere I went I created peace around me, the homes I lived in, objects that I carefully placed on my altars, all of this held my peace.  Again another form of outside peace!

So how God do I find my peace? Then slowly God began to move me into my peace, it began in the form of guidance.

Are you willing to drop all that you have created? To have no ideas in the world of whom you are!  To drop all that you have made of yourself and trust, what unfolds from this place is who you truly are!

In my heart I saw the depth of what was being asked and it was to finish all groups and workshops, and to live my life without any labels or titles that others and I have put upon this being!

Scary yet exciting, so slowly dropping all the doing in the world from a metaphysical viewpoint, I felt that no-one would know who I am and that I might miss out on something! Always having to drop all at every moment and trust deeper than I had ever gone before!     Then the last ploy was to move again and put all of my belongings into storage, nothing to represent my peace. Even though I have a few personal things with me!  It was here finally that inner peace began to show itself.

Again being blessed with beautiful friends who I call my allies in this world, my move was into paradise, paradise that is in the middle of the city! Here I am surrounded in wildlife, nature, beauty. And here finally my inner peace began to unfold.

This time around as I sat in nature and watched and listened I felt a stirring from deep within my being. This stirring began to reveal warmth that slowly filled my heart and began to fill every part of my body. As the warmth reached my throat a sensation of liquid smooth and like honey moved from my throat into my heart and as this reached my heart a feeling began to expand from the inside and begin to move out into the world!

It was as though for the first time in my life I was free from any limitations and this feeling continued to move from me into the world in waves. At this point there was a connection to life that showed itself deep within my being. Separation was gone, the wind moved through me as I felt it caress my face and then it carried on its way, yet it held a part of me with it. Then the birds began to move and again the feeling of knowing their every move as though I was with them in flight!  This feeling lasted as everything I saw with my eyes became who I am! A far cry from my experience a few years ago when I became what I was seeing!

From this moment, I have truly found my inner peace, and it has nothing to do with where I am, what I am doing or what I want to be in this world!  Inner peace has always been where I am, I just never knew that it was so simple to find. I always thought that I had to be a certain person or say the right words or mix with the right people. But in the end my inner peace has been the strength that I stood upon in this world; it has carried me through many journeys and comforted me when I was down.  My inner peace has been humbly waiting for the day that it may fully embrace who I am and that day has arrived and inner peace is my true sanctum.

The most amazing part of this journey has been finding out that there is nothing to change in the world and I am still the same person, I will, still from time to time feel irritated and annoyed yet now my inner peace fully supports me through these times.

My beloved you have touched the jewel the true sanctum of peace. Dare now to be who you are;  truly express from deep within the source of your peace. Express your feelings through words and know and feel into the clarity that follows as you create a life that is true to your hearts desire, true to the touch of God. Feel my beloved feel my touch as you begin to move through your journey from inner peace .No more shall anything in this world keep you distracted from your true purpose and that is to be the holy son of God to share from the depth of life itself. Movement begins to unfold like a flower opens to the sun. You have felt the warmth, the touch of God. Just as life opens up to the rays of the sun so shall you open up more as you allow the rays of warmth to caress you, then deep within shall you feel. Journey now my beloved as you have never journeyed before. Nothing shall block your way for your desire to create from who you truly are is so strong and your foundation for this creation is all that exists.

No need to treasure any one thing anymore nothing in your mind and heart exists separately. Seeing through the veil has been the lesson and now this movement has carried you directly to the other side! My beloved what exists on the other side is but fragments of a world you once knew. The other side is not where you shall stay, for movement is expanding and creating from the new and eventually you shall know the depth to who you are. There are no more veils for you to see through, only yourself as the son of God exists. The mind may begin to want distraction yet there is nothing left on the other side to create distraction from! You see my beloved you are home; you are but a blink away from fully realizing who you are. Know this as your only truth, know that you are home. Carefully you have felt into life and death, yet now to be careful is to not know who you are. Jump into all that exists for all is who you are.    Nothing can separate you from who you are for nothing exists beyond who you are. You may think that this talking is riddles but I will tell you that once you blink fully, nothing exists and you will laugh beyond this world!  You will laugh as you have never laughed before. There are no more blocks to awakening, you have woken up! You feel it in your heart and you know it in your mind!  You are trying to search for more stories, are you not? Take a look, all you want at this moment is for stories to have a meaning, yet as you look they have no meaning and you are now laughing at yourself, how fun is that!

Laughter is your salvation, laugh at this world you have left behind and move with much love and openness into your truth. You see all that was required was for you to recognize inner peace, for as this occurs your true nature which is inner peace, moved the blocks to your awakening. This is why you have heard many times before from me; that your awakening is just a moment away. How simple is that, nothing to do nowhere to go you are right my beloved, even though your journey has been lengthy this point is the only point that exists.

Cherish yourself as I cherish you, for together the journey has begun and even though you are home you may experience more of your totality within your home.

My beloved this is true inner peace, and from this moment on, nothing shall change that.
Remember I am with you always,

Blessings from all who have journeyed thus far with you

Jonah 2006 ©


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