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I am now in alignment with my ancestors

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Are you aligned or are you struggling?

Recently I have been neglecting parts of my self, parts of my very core existence.
I have no one defined answer for WHY?

What I can share with you today is.....distractions can come in a number of forms, and they can appear bigger and greater than what you have or who you believe yourself to be.

My strength has always been my focus and my vigilance toward a deep spiritual connected lifestyle.
I am and always will be this person, nothing will ever change that. 
what has changed is my interactions and my choices toward how I choose to earn a living, how I choose to upgrade my lifestyle and how I choose to operate my business in alignment with a greater energy frequency.


This frequency has pushed my very core being to align, and as we all know, upgrading can sometimes be uncomfortable in fact bloody miserable until all energy systems are working at the higher vibration.

So what has happened while my core was being upgraded, well I had the dreaded flu.....cough cough cough.....
then my lower back went out...ouch ouch ouch......
Now I am being guided from a deep connection, showing me every day through visions, clients, friends, colleagues my deep inner stories.
To the point where clients are repeating scenarios from my life exactly, including names circumstances etc. When guidance wishes me to see something they certainly dont hold back.

So here I am listening, watching, feeling and allowing everything to align in perfect order.

Yesterday while having a treatment on my back I began to hear deep within a mantra reciting

"everything is perfect just the way it is"

I began to bring this into conscious awareness. Reciting it clearly over and over.
Then as this mantra entered my heart, I began to hear another rising and I heard my inner reciting

"I am now in alignment with my ancestors"

I am truly blessed to have the opportunities to be who I am, to create my reality however I choose.

My life has not been easy, it has been difficult at times but throughout the journey I have always felt, heard and honored my ancestors. 
I truly know when I disconnect it is my ancestors that come close, that guide me and YES push me to slow down. They wait, watch, listen and nudge me for they truly love me.

My support is greater when I connect back to them back to Universal guidance and back to who I truly am.

It is in this moment everything is perfect....
Remember it is not what we do in the world but where we do it from that creates our reality.

Are you connected to your ancestors?
Do you truly know thyself?
Do you yearn for deeper spiritual truths?
Are you aware of signs and messages from Guidance?
Are you present enough to witness synchronicity appearing in the world?

Would you like to take a deep nourishing journey, connecting, aligning and transforming your mind, your body and your spirit.

Click on the link below and we can travel this sacred journey together

Contact me

Love & Blessings
Caroline Byrd


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Guest Tuesday, 21 March 2023

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events, divine guidance and insight.