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Help me see clearly into purpose in life

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Any purpose is remembrance; remembrance of who you are, and if that means that you need to do anything in the world to remember then so be it.

It seems so simple!

Simple yes; but easy no!  Simple because there is nothing to do, but easy no, because the human parts need doing to justify existence, all I will say in this moment is simplify your existence and life will begin to simplify its existence around you.

Let me ask you a question.  What are you searching for?

I really don't know it changes often!

Exactly; how can you search for something in a world that does not exist, how can you find something that changes in the world of illusion? 

To find that which you are searching for, stop; stop and feel into what you are searching for. This is the only way you will find what it is you are searching for.  For when you find it, there will be nothing to do in form.  That what you are searching for does not exist in form. That which you are searching for is your own innate quality, your connection to me, your father.  Only inner vision and peace can open the doorway for you my child. There is nothing that exists in this world for you to search for.  Once you let go of all your attachments to form you will no longer need to search, for you will have come home to the very essence of which you are.

Am I not already doing this?

Doing; madness isn't it?  Yes you are right, you are doing and you are very good at trying to do this.  Do you see how in a simple task in this world trying to be perfect, to find peace, is still keeping you caught in form.  Drop even this one, there is nothing in this world to do that will find what you are searching for!  As you try to do any one thing to achieve peace, you are already caught up in form.

So how do I stop even trying to do peace?

You achieve that by recognising it first within this embodiment.  Recognise your divinity that exists beyond form.  And when you find this divine spark, within you, you will then recognise that this just is, and there is nothing to do to bring it into the world.  When you feel your divine spark, the world around you has no meaning; all that exists is who you are. There becomes a place of peace that moves from within your being and gently caresses everything you do in the world.  There exists no more to be anything or anyone, yet you shall find that life shall draw you more into the world instead of pulling you away from it.

So, what are you saying?

When you drop all of your thoughts and ideas, when you find true purpose, freedom moves through your world.  Form is not present any more to create conflict, you have no thoughts around why you are doing and not doing in the world.  All choices are made through wholeness; this is why the world that you see begins to disappear and only love exists in its place.  From the depths of existence, love moves you more into purpose and from here nothing means anything and everything.  You know who you are and all judgements, denials, grudges, fall away.  There is no need to question any one thing, for everything that is in front of you is who you are!

Do you get it!
Blessings from Jonah 31st of March 2005©


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