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Guidance from the one Source

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To hear or not to hear; God loves you whether you know it or not. 

You don't need to really hear or understand; you just need to really know the truth of who you are, then all will fit into place. This is all that your life will reflect back to you; we have never been so loving and wanting for you to understand that we love you with all of our lifetimes we have been together.

It is the utmost love that we transfer to you my beloved; things of the past can never come between us and our journeys; we all love you just as equally as we know deep in your heart that you love us, with just the right intent.

So here we are; just waiting and wanting for all the wonderful things to come into your awareness in the right point of recognition.  It is true that all that comes to you is of your desires; yet that desire was predestined to fall into who you are at this point of accepting and awakening.

Time has never been an issue as we all are from many differences in time.  All that is set is in motion, within you my beloved.  You are so precious to this system and its interactions that only you may disarm the interactions we face as we face them.

This is your willpower, your judgements, your allowances and your defences.  There is truly nowhere that is needed of you as much as this point of reference; to alignments beyond the solar systems.  Equally you are in reference to high knowledge that is sustaining and allowing truth to set you amongst life.  Allow these differences as knowledge to move you through to a much deeper and grounded connection that has ever been capable in destiny before.

Truly life is realigning itself with its self; their deepest crevices are the ones being filled with the vibration of the knowledge well hidden.  These crevices are coming into a time of overflowing and this is when the deepest part of you will align its self back to its source.

You are destined to hear, to guide, to share; to consider all of these is futile as this is predestined and there is no one making decisions for you not even yourself.  Like a rollercoaster ride you have got on, strapped yourself in and now you are on the ride and at no point can you just get off and start again; no matter how hard or scary or fearful it becomes.  The ride will only stop when it stops and you will in the meantime continue to experience the highs and lows, the only difference is you can now finally, after all of your fears and hard times so to speak; allow yourself to let go and ride the ride of your life without trying to hold on, close off and shut it down.

You see my beloved when you finally let go and scream out at the sky with your arms in the air that is when your ride will change; that is when you're alignments begins, that is when we bring to you who you really are. 

That is when your choices are aligned from the depths of your truth.  No more subtle living, you will see the ages of differences that flow through you and beyond you, you will feel all of the treasures that are laid dormant just waiting and wanting to be opened with your heart energy locked into knowing and knowledge.  Then as these two come together you discover your true freedom your true calling.  Your destiny that is waiting in the distance until this time emerges from you and with in you.  So my beloved just keep your heart connected to your deeper knowing and you will always trust and share who you truly are.

Who are you?

We are you, we are the parts of you that have governed this line since its birth, we are the celestial ones who transfer all life into knowledge, we are at the subtleties of humanness and the depth of discoveries, we have and always will be your truest heart, we transform all through and into you, we are the one source.
Blessings from Jonah©


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Guest Monday, 05 December 2022

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