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Dynamic awareness

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Dynamic awareness is when the micro and macro are in total balance and harmony within yourself and your environment.

To be able to feel at all levels of consciousness is what the goal to life is all about. To have the ability to achieve at all levels is the outcome.

Children without having to understand this ability naturally access it.  In other words they are balanced within themselves and their only environment.  As adults we are more conscious of the faults within ourselves and society hence we tend to block this ability.

I would like to give an analogy for you to take in deeper what this meaning is; as a child of nine years old, some friends and I were playing down the creek close to a sports event. We wanted to hide from other people and we pretended that the creek was where we lived. During the day we found that we were able to run faster and quicker through the rough terrain without any issues and we never sustained any scratches or prickles as we ran yet the most significant part of the day was that we were able to not be seen by people who ventured throughout the creek that day.  We were able to fit ourselves into the environment, so they could not see us we were in such balance we even heard them coming from a greater distance than normal.  You see without realising it; as a child we were as one with both our environment and ourselves, which then heightened our awareness. 

As adults we can start to create this awareness within ourselves again, however, to so we must be able to listen to ourselves from a depth within; to listen to every sound and feeling that our own inner systems are putting out and then to also feel and listen to the environment around us; to listen to nature; to become one with the natural process of all life.  Once we reach this within ourselves we are then able to create anything we desire in our lives; for there are no blockages of any kind to still energies creating.

Just to listen and be aware of your feelings both physical and spiritual, is allowing you to expand them even further for the purposes of what they were meant for.  That of course is to create our future and the future of the natural laws of life. 

Once this process starts to take place within you, you will then notice gradually things that are occurring which you have thought about.  A short analogy is; while working five days a week and earning X amount of dollars, I often use to say to people and put the thought out to the universe, that I wish I could only work three days a week but still earn the same amount of dollars.  Within six months my boss cut down all our hours, and then put on casual hours, to save herself holidays et cetera.  So this then created my thought; for I was working three days per week and still earning the same amount of dollars.  The more we actually acknowledge what we have created the easier it becomes.

When this first is shown to individuals, it is like anything new we experience; we actually don't really understand, until we have actually experienced it on a physical level ourselves.

You see to know something is only of the logical; the micro, however, to experience it on a personal and physical level is the macro. 

It is not until we have fully taken in this experience on both levels that our macro and micro is balanced.  This will then create within you the dynamic awareness in which you need to fulfil yourselves; as both physical and spiritual beings.
Blessings from Jonah 1997©


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Guest Tuesday, 11 August 2020

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