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Desire for money

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This decision has nothing to do with the job, but the desire for money.  As money becomes the focus point the world will have to seemingly take it away. 

As the desire for recognition is high in priority, how it looks, how the world sees you, how you feel with or without it.  Temporary is the illusion, the world of matter, nothing is out of the reach or desire.  Including everything you placed into it.  Every job, every home, every business, they will change and depending upon your governance which is your stress, depends upon how often life will have to change.

Outside of you is always a reflection of self; where inside self does the need for more outweigh satisfaction?  Are you truly satisfied or are you always needing more.  Not enough is the basic element playing out in existence.  And everywhere you turn in the world you are in a story of not enough.  I am not enough to be a mother, I am not enough to support my child, I am not enough to have my own business, yet you say, but you have your own business. I say you have businesses as you never feel satisfied that each one is enough for you.  So ultimately you will draw to you that which matches you.  Hence the shop, I need more money, what you're giving is not enough.

Never underestimate the ultimate perfection that is called life. It is your deepest desires, feelings, beliefs surrendered into form and now reflected back to you.

You are ultimately always stepping out and up, but bring you with you.  Running on empty is when you have left self behind.  Allow the dance of ease to take you, at first it may look and feel uneasy in a body so busy, but eventually it allows for being more constant and consistent.

What you desire and feel begins to have longevity in the world, not fleeting moments that come and go. Stop running and ending what is, continue with the same muse, the same passion, no more running away as change becomes someone else's control.  But truly is there someone else or are all particles only reflections of the one mind?  Contemplate deeply and allow change to have its space.  Don't believe that you always know what is best for you. For that is our role within the framework called life, let go and let God.

Blessings from Jonah 22 November 2014©


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