What do we need to accomplish?  Do we need to accomplish things or not?

Sometimes these things don't seem right to find within ourselves for the good or the bad. Do we always need to question what is of action or can we just be content in just being? These all are the idle thoughts which fill out everyday minds.

We cannot just accept to just be; but that is what the universe is wanting on a daily basis to just be.

When you learn to not question, the little thoughts shall no longer occupy the daily thought system.  When you have achieved this, then the higher powers of consciousness shall fill your daily thoughts.


Beware of these idle things you think you need to succeed through this life. They can most of the time be a blockage toward your goal; which you need to reach at an even pace, not all at once like you think.

Slowly these processes shall continue to move you forward to your ultimate destiny. So just be; and not looking to distract yourself and others over the trivia that you cannot understand.

Take heed of the greater achievement in which this cycle shall inevitably contain. Nourish the inner system but also be flexible to allow the inner core to reach out; to put to work on another level of your growth.
Blessings from Jonah 27 April 1998