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Communication from Mahatma Gandhi

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The energy for 2016 is all about bringing in a change for humanities evolution; and as my guidance will often share with me the deeper movements that are happening, I sometimes underestimate my connection to those who have already embodied and left the planet, yet somehow my connection with these great masters is real, tangible and powerful.

During a recent meditation I could see a face appearing; the face was one I recognised as Mahatma Gandhi. I have often seen him in dreams and in meditations and have been drawn to his life story through DVDs and books including my version of The Baghvad Gita which was written by Mahatma Gandhi.

Many years ago I met a blind 85yearold Guru from India named Prabaj through a mutual friend who asked me to come along to a satsang with this Guru.

He was divine; uplifting and embodied peace. As he told his life story, I was in awe as this man who was blind from the age of 2years old had lived in India by the Ganga River with Mahatma Gandhi.

This was my first encounter of knowing someone who actually knew Gandhi; it was an experience I have never forgotten. As my life experiences guided me to people, places and even books, I was drawn to the teachings of Paramahansa Yoganda, whom also knew Gandhi in his human embodiment.

As Gandhi appeared in my meditation he began to speak to me; I told him I was not going to remember what is being shared, and he said, you will write after the meditation and I will share through you, so it began, my communication with Mahatma Gandhi......

Mahatma Gandhi 27th December 2015 

There has come a time in humanities evolution where life needs a nudge; a nudge to move energy and for all to understand that everyone has a particular role to play in the changes that are about to happen. These changes meet with the sentiments of some but for most it is through the wall of defence.

The only way to become an advocate of change is to know how to diffuse energy. Energy is the way of the future; humanity has channelled energy well for the purpose of creating instruments and gadgets with which to help society grow. Unfortunately to often this purpose of accumulating has ended in destruction.

To know energy is to understand the mechanism of the body; understanding that it is a palpable energy machine that not only emits energy but also transforms energy. 

Diffusing energy is a commodity rarely used; it has been about engaging in and keeping the charge (cause and effect) alive within the mind and heart of the individual. There has been a loss in the altruism of connection; of whole energy connections.

It is time to go back to the connection of energy in a subtle form; to realign you energetically with each and every human being. This is the only way to increase the energy surges to bring positive outcomes. The latest energy surges that are being released into your atmosphere and into the energy source of the Universe are both scattered and weak and therefore detrimental to the future growth of humanity. There is another way; and that is to use energy to subdue energy. (That is to subdue loud and aggressive energy by calm and relaxed energy).

To move the whole structure of the human race to an epic rise and fall in energy; this will balance once again the Eco system of the Earth and then in turn the human body. Always the way to true peace is through the non-judgment of people, countries, choices, beliefs, and of self.

However, humility is not the way through these energy blocks; yes it will subdue them, but it will not fully eradicate them. Vigilance is the only way; to be vigilant at each and every moment of your own personal engagements. Be aware what is happening with your directed energy; where are you directing it; and in what form are you directing it. Is it good or bad?

As I said to you earlier, each and every-one of you is a part of the transformation that is occurring. Some will be advocating resistance, some peace, some will be doing it in form, others in energy, please do not judge in what form (physical or energetically) it will take, it is imperative that each and every energy system works at this time in its own field, not all of them will appear to be conducive to a cause, but I assure you that all are needed to bring alignment and balance back to the future of humanities outcomes.

This shift in the will of humanity is so strong that you are all needing to attach to whatever energy system you are close to.  

Personal message from Gandhi to Caroline....

The will for you is strong, when you are fully connected the energy surges and you are then in your utmost creative spark. Take yourself out into the structure of the core(story), and how that will look is in an energy form. This might all seem so farfetched to the mind at this time, but truly as I have often been present as an advocate throughout history and in many embodiments I have watched and observed the changes as they have happened.

For you this is our connection, you are not physically an advocate as I was, but you are the hidden aspect of this energy system. You understand this as now memories are popping in. When each revolution of the changes you will be connected with the souls who are your advocates in energy. 

As the work that is happening holds a strand of each of us (guides) within you, you will in time learn to recognise which one of us is with you at any given moment and then each will guide and move you with our knowledge and understanding of the times that are simultaneously occurring.

Be patient, be gentle, and yes begin to form into an understanding how this will affect everyone as the energy spikes.

This is just the beginning, be strong, vigilant and gentle with you as this will take practice to realign yourself back to these teachings.

©Caroline Byrd 27th December 2015

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