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A weakness within society is only formed from a weakness within ourselves.

We do not always understand at what level most of our social problems relate to.  We all make the same perpetual mistake of not looking deeply into the reasons behind the thoughts of doubt and of insecurity.

If we actually looked at our weaknesses as a source of growth then we will actually strengthen our inner systems.

Our own core is much more accessible then we'd like to acknowledge.  We must all learn to be able to create on a level within each individuals system. 

To find the weaknesses in and to energise them, we are actually able to create and to define our systems as part of the universal system.  This then enables us to co-create with the depth of creation.

Subsequently while achieving the level of inner strength we are also strengthening our thought systems to put out for future creation.  For each individual the hardest task is to acknowledge that we are the co creator of our destiny.  But once we overcome this weakness we are then able to create our own future.

The thoughts of our own inner systems are the reality which shall lie before you on your journey.  So always try to substantiate your thoughts as ones of good not bad.  Then you will be able to have a free system and journey. 

So if each individual were to take into their own systems this thought process, then eventually our whole society shall become one of strength and understanding and enable us to co-create from a cellular level.
Blessings from Jonah 1997©


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Guest Monday, 05 December 2022

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