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To open, to receive, to store, to transmit; these words sound like we are discussing radio of sorts or a television set.  

In context these are describing the channel of energy; for human channelling, radio and television channelling, using energy sources.

To be able to chat from the human perspective is a case of being willing to allow the energies to flow unaltered through your own system. 

To channel is to become open like a piece of conduit.  A piece of electrical conduit is used so the electrical cable can run from one source to the other without any interference, from any outer sources.  In other words what comes in one end comes out the same at the other end without anything stopping it on its way.

So the most significant key to channelling is not to put any of your own thoughts to the energy you are feeling and hearing.  Again it comes to saying it as it came in. 

There is not a great deal to learn about this process other than practice.  The more you are willing to experience the energies throughout the universe the more we can become accustomed to channelling them for purposes greater than what we can envision today. 

For example when we watch television we all have our different stations or frequencies we prefer to listen to.  This scene is for our own channelling, eventually through practice you all shall distinguish the difference between the energies, and will become accustomed to one or more depending on the individual.  As an individual, and also as a collective society, much truth and knowledge may be gained by channelling.

When using the energy in the universe in a positive way we can actually make a difference to humankind.  These energies around us can be used in many forms, for example for healing, knowledge, growth, changing, creating and transforming. 

Channelling is actually about being receptive; to be able to listen and feel ever so subtly to what you're channelling on an everyday basis. 

You see if you go back to the radio or the television, it is the same, the more reception we all can get the better and clearer the picture will become.
Messages from Jonah 1997©


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events, divine guidance and insight.