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Arcturian channelling

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Arcturian realigning of the etheric bodies; Souls no more to reach for the infinite bodies; they are all the alignments of degrees to behold.
Legacies we are, never to be repeated for the construction of the human cosmic inter relationships. Be trusting in the companion ships that you become aware of in these initial stages.

Love is the intention of all who were in this cosmic realignment for the energies that are coming forth in these times.

There is always so much more happening in this plane of awareness that we are aware of.

Locking in the crystalline perimeters has caused much shift in the energy of this circuit.


Not many of you are able to realign at this time with the crystalline alignments. This is creating some effects that are uncomfortable. Today is the final alignment of the crystalline vortexes.
Movement is always the hardest energy to align in the physical arena. Yet movement is the awareness of energy. Never ending, never stoppable; all who move with these alignments will flow totally into these crystalline vortexes.

No effort for humanity; great expectations that are needed to overcome the blockages that each of you put upon the other.
Be still a while and allow these new alignments to uncover the truth and depths of nothingness.

Love is not a dominating factor but a very deep truth on the whole of humanity's mind. Love is the energy that has and always will sustain the wholeness that you are all looking for.
Yet looking is the key to the answer that is on all of your minds. Looking is for those who are not feeling; feeling is the depth to love.  Love the feeling not the doing. 

Experience all, for now is the time for this experience to be converted through the crystalline energy systems.

Blessings from Jonah, Full moon Thursday, 1 November 2000©


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