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A leap of faith

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A leap year equates to a leap in faith, it unravels the many stories that you have allowed to keep you small, complacent and stuck in your life. This leap is a leap forward in momentum; it carries you toward the goal of evolutionary processes. Everyone and I mean everyone will be feeling the leap and many will scream, kick and buck up against the leap. Some of you are trying to keep cool in the eye of the leap, as this is known as the Quantum leap of heat. The heat reflects externally and inside you, the heat is slowly brewing inside and for many that can look like body ailments again. For others it can look like an emotional roller coaster, but for humanity it is an unveiling of the finer energy vibrations that are moving into your atmosphere and gently moving into your body, then your mind and ultimately it will ignite the passion of the Souls journey.


Patience is the virtue through the Quantum leap, no matter what your stories, or your disruption, remember that it is all happening in a Vibrational field that is of an old awareness. This new awareness is much finer attuned to the micro cosmic alignments. This finesse of energy is subtle and gentle and softening. It is for everyone as it brings awareness of the change.

And how will the change, the leap look, well to many nothing will appear outside of them to have changed, but I am telling you that the change is happening inside the embodiment in every human being. It may take some coaxing from the subtle energy bodies to manifest in form as you are constantly disrupting finer energy frequencies with coarse dense vibrations. Once the finer energy strands connect deep enough internally they will automatically be seen in experience, and this is and always has been how change occurs in a dense vibratory field.

As a collective consciousness we admire and thank you all for the networks of subtle energies performing in perfect alignment and harmony to achieve the outcomes of the changes necessary for evolution. Harmony rests on the eve of change, slowly watching, waiting and dispersing itself into each and every human body.

Yes the change has occurred and now it is up to you how to embody it into reality.

Caroline Byrd


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