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True purpose

Who is Jonah?

When Caroline was young she thought it was normal to have a “Voice” that told you information that you didn’t know yourself.  At this stage in her journey she didn’t understand what it was; it was just there.

It wasn’t until Caroline was about 35 and sitting in a group situation that a question was asked and without thinking Caroline answered it. When she was challenged on how she knew this information she said “the Voice” told me.  The groups reaction was such that Caroline knew not everyone heard “the Voice; this in turn made her question not only her connection to “the Voice” but  made her question her own self as well.

However, through meditation Caroline started to understand that “the Voice” was a natural guidance that she was given access to whenever she needed it or “the Voice” needed to be heard.

After many years of working with “the Voice” and trusting in the experience, it wasn’t until other people stated asking what “the Voices” name was. That Caroline sat in meditation one day and asked “what is your name”? 

The voice was rather annoyed at Caroline wanting to label their connection, and questioned her trust in their experience and stated that I have no name I am energy, I am the collective consciousness. 

When Caroline continued to push for a “label” in a deep meditation one day she saw a body of water with a form wrapped up like a mummy protruding.  When the mummy was standing in front of Caroline “the voice” very annoyed asked are you satisfied?  Do you know how much energy we have just wasted trying to give name and form to energy?  The purpose of our connection is greater than the form that you see.  There are no labels that can describe pure energy....so do not ask again.  So Caroline did not.

Their shared connection became a total trusting of the energy and “the voice” would channel through her anything it wanted shared.  If Caroline had a question to take to “the voice” it would share the answers as required.
Some years later whilst in a deep meditation a form appeared in front of Caroline and she felt that it was a male energy, as it became clearer she saw a beautiful image of a perfect virile male and he stated that he was “Jonah” from the collective consciousness.  I asked if he was my guide?   He said no; I am not off body, or form I am from the collective consciousness. 

Caroline asked then why after all these years are you showing yourself as a body and form?  He stated that where Caroline would be taking this information in the future would require the human mind to have a label so you may speak of me now as

“JONAH”.  This will help those you teach and share the information with to connect with the collective Consciousness.

So began Jonah's wisdom.

The keys of transformation are actually knowledge; well kept and well hidden, this knowledge will enable you to walk your path with hidden aspects.

These hidden aspects will allow transformations to occur from the depths of your cellular memory and there are many of these transformations available to you.  Once you reach a certain stage in your growth you subconsciously connect to the symbols to lead you through to the next stage.

At this level you will notice unusual things happening around you; certain things do not appear to be really happening.  This is the physical body becoming lighter to the extent of illusionary happenings.  Using this knowledge you will be more aware of how to transcend the physical body.

To hear or not to hear; God loves you whether you know it or not. 

You don't need to really hear or understand; you just need to really know the truth of who you are, then all will fit into place. This is all that your life will reflect back to you; we have never been so loving and wanting for you to understand that we love you with all of our lifetimes we have been together.

It is the utmost love that we transfer to you my beloved; things of the past can never come between us and our journeys; we all love you just as equally as we know deep in your heart that you love us, with just the right intent.

So here we are; just waiting and wanting for all the wonderful things to come into your awareness in the right point of recognition.  It is true that all that comes to you is of your desires; yet that desire was predestined to fall into who you are at this point of accepting and awakening.

Dynamic awareness is when the micro and macro are in total balance and harmony within yourself and your environment.

To be able to feel at all levels of consciousness is what the goal to life is all about. To have the ability to achieve at all levels is the outcome.

Children without having to understand this ability naturally access it.  In other words they are balanced within themselves and their only environment.  As adults we are more conscious of the faults within ourselves and society hence we tend to block this ability.

I would like to give an analogy for you to take in deeper what this meaning is; as a child of nine years old, some friends and I were playing down the creek close to a sports event. We wanted to hide from other people and we pretended that the creek was where we lived. During the day we found that we were able to run faster and quicker through the rough terrain without any issues and we never sustained any scratches or prickles as we ran yet the most significant part of the day was that we were able to not be seen by people who ventured throughout the creek that day.  We were able to fit ourselves into the environment, so they could not see us we were in such balance we even heard them coming from a greater distance than normal.  You see without realising it; as a child we were as one with both our environment and ourselves, which then heightened our awareness. 

Any purpose is remembrance; remembrance of who you are, and if that means that you need to do anything in the world to remember then so be it.

It seems so simple!

Simple yes; but easy no!  Simple because there is nothing to do, but easy no, because the human parts need doing to justify existence, all I will say in this moment is simplify your existence and life will begin to simplify its existence around you.

Let me ask you a question.  What are you searching for?

I really don't know it changes often!

Exactly; how can you search for something in a world that does not exist, how can you find something that changes in the world of illusion? 

A weakness within society is only formed from a weakness within ourselves.

We do not always understand at what level most of our social problems relate to.  We all make the same perpetual mistake of not looking deeply into the reasons behind the thoughts of doubt and of insecurity.

If we actually looked at our weaknesses as a source of growth then we will actually strengthen our inner systems.

Our own core is much more accessible then we'd like to acknowledge.  We must all learn to be able to create on a level within each individuals system. 

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