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Jonah's Wisdom

Who is Jonah?

When Caroline was young she thought it was normal to have a “Voice” that told you information that you didn’t know yourself.  At this stage in her journey she didn’t understand what it was; it was just there.

It wasn’t until Caroline was about 35 and sitting in a group situation that a question was asked and without thinking Caroline answered it. When she was challenged on how she knew this information she said “the Voice” told me.  The groups reaction was such that Caroline knew not everyone heard “the Voice; this in turn made her question not only her connection to “the Voice” but  made her question her own self as well.

However, through meditation Caroline started to understand that “the Voice” was a natural guidance that she was given access to whenever she needed it or “the Voice” needed to be heard.

After many years of working with “the Voice” and trusting in the experience, it wasn’t until other people stated asking what “the Voices” name was. That Caroline sat in meditation one day and asked “what is your name”? 

The voice was rather annoyed at Caroline wanting to label their connection, and questioned her trust in their experience and stated that I have no name I am energy, I am the collective consciousness. 

When Caroline continued to push for a “label” in a deep meditation one day she saw a body of water with a form wrapped up like a mummy protruding.  When the mummy was standing in front of Caroline “the voice” very annoyed asked are you satisfied?  Do you know how much energy we have just wasted trying to give name and form to energy?  The purpose of our connection is greater than the form that you see.  There are no labels that can describe pure energy....so do not ask again.  So Caroline did not.

Their shared connection became a total trusting of the energy and “the voice” would channel through her anything it wanted shared.  If Caroline had a question to take to “the voice” it would share the answers as required.
Some years later whilst in a deep meditation a form appeared in front of Caroline and she felt that it was a male energy, as it became clearer she saw a beautiful image of a perfect virile male and he stated that he was “Jonah” from the collective consciousness.  I asked if he was my guide?   He said no; I am not off body, or form I am from the collective consciousness. 

Caroline asked then why after all these years are you showing yourself as a body and form?  He stated that where Caroline would be taking this information in the future would require the human mind to have a label so you may speak of me now as

“JONAH”.  This will help those you teach and share the information with to connect with the collective Consciousness.

So began Jonah's wisdom.


There is nothing; yes nothing, no- thing that appears in your world that is not connected to self.

Look also to the world of illusions for your sanity; for your connectedness. It appears that spirituality separated the projections in the world; and you begin to pick and choose which ones seemed and deemed appropriate for connecting to and doing. You judge the world; you only bought into your reality what you believed reality should look like, going by your spirituality.

Before you became engrossed in your journey to find spirituality you were still living; you worked, paid bills, cleaned your home, and also raised a son and had a partner that you did for.  With no questions asked you lived your life.

Then the quest came to look beyond this world as death propelled you onto a journey that became an epic adventure. One by one you left the things, the doings, the so called mundane behind. Until everything you did and everywhere you looked had a spiritual undertone.

I am flexible in everything I do; flexibility is who you really are; know that.

Why are you afraid of moving of leaving?  It is because you are not being flexible......Is that what is meant by flexibility to move?

To leave things behind; you are never leaving anything of value behind; you take everything you are with you.

It does not matter where you are, but how you are. Your feelings are your indications in life, if it is not “feeling” from love, then let it go.

The question we need to ask ourselves is whether or not we are doing this for our enjoyment; or for someone else? To really be able to enjoy ourselves we must answer this question.

Most times we choose to do things for other reasons other than our own true enjoyment such as; it is the “done” thing, or this is how I was brought up, or this is what is expected of me. However, in most of these cases what we are actually doing for them is not for our own personal enjoyment.

Enjoyment should be of a wanting for yourself; to be in total enjoyment of what you're doing is actually being honest with yourself. Do you see how everything always revolves and goes back to the self? This is what we are here for as spiritual beings to fulfil our own destiny and enjoyment.

What do we need to accomplish?  Do we need to accomplish things or not?

Sometimes these things don't seem right to find within ourselves for the good or the bad. Do we always need to question what is of action or can we just be content in just being? These all are the idle thoughts which fill out everyday minds.

We cannot just accept to just be; but that is what the universe is wanting on a daily basis to just be.

When you learn to not question, the little thoughts shall no longer occupy the daily thought system.  When you have achieved this, then the higher powers of consciousness shall fill your daily thoughts.

There is a connection between every human being and every living, breathing thing on this planet. There is so much for you to observe in this world of life that often you become distracted with the mundane cycle of the material world. This mundane cycle carries within it an exterior view of your thought levels. When your mind is only directed on the exterior view it becomes hard for you to feel at the interior level of your being. This is a distraction within itself to keep you further and further away from the overall picture of this world, which is full of life and feelings.

To live in the world is to balance the exterior and the interior parts of life. You all know that what you see is in this world as in solidness, such as houses, cars, people, buildings, etc. These are playing a prominent role in your life everyday. You know what you see with your eyes and you know the sounds that arise from this part of seeing. There are also smells and tastes, and you know the texture of these outside appearances in your world. Then we move on to the animal kingdom, you see many types of animals in the world and most of them you cannot relate back to yourself. Many people are not shown how interaction with the animal kingdom can benefit in their levels of feelings. This level of feeling begins with sharing a part of you with something other than human beings. This sharing brings you into a deeper perspective of the range of sensations that can arise from giving freely of your feeling levels without having any judgements put upon you. Those of you who have exchanged this feeling between yourself and the animal kingdom will understand this feeling and you are more capable as human beings in sharing this with everyone who they meet on a daily basis.

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